Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

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    eco job

    hi all we are searching a persons who are interested to work with nature and get satisfied remuneration in North karnataka, Maharastatra & Goa..preference to belgaum district.....
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    hi, we are planing to plant different types of plants-as flowers,fruits,decorative plants and if any new plants available.we need price rates of different type of plants which are easily available in karnataka, maharashatra, goa. with your support we creates GREEN land and decreases global...
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    Farmers Club helps farmers to earn better

    hi please send your website & contact details.
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    Vinod Mane

    hi mail your c.v.
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    Solar Fans & Air Coolers

    hi please send your contact & details.
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    information about neem trees

    send ur mail id for details.
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    business opportunity

    hi. send ur mail id to contact with details.
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    i want agronomist to manage&develop 40 acres farm land in jhansi(U.P.)

    hi hi friend may i know the land details-soil quality,major crops which u r interested,etc.also ur full details.thank u.
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    hi india, please send treeplantation broject report & details. thanku india
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    10people frm every state

    hi I am from karnataka.please send ur details with your project.. Thank you
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    Financing available..Apply today!!

    hello sir please send the details about loan,thats interest rate, duration,any security mail id. Thank you
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    hi hi friends we r going to start a flouring mill. therefor i require a full project report with new machineries... etc.plz send a report. thank u
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    project report

    dear sir/madam i require the full information about dairy industery with minimum 50 animals. so. plz send a project report. Thank u
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    Please suggest names for a company

    Dear All, I wan a company names which are very related to agriculture,fishari,etc plz inform me. Thank you
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    Hi, m completed MBA & also agriculture work experence person. i want to take a big project for i require finance upto 50 laks.plz message me. Thank you.
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    information about agri

    Dear sir/Madam I m from Belgaum dist, i want an information about agriculture loan. plz informe me. Thank you.
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    Zero Budget Dairy Farming

    hi Dear sir i would like to know the details of project.plz send the details. Thank you.
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    10people frm every state

    hi hi, m nisarga from karnataka belgaum dist. i completed MBA & also doing parttime work in agriculture. m interested for this type of work.plz contact with details.thank you.
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    buy human nail

    hi hi, sir plz give the details of buying with prise. thank you nisarga
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    I am offering Finance for India Agriculture projects.

    Namaskara hi, sir i completed MBA & also agro experienced person i interested to do a big dairy & other agro projects for that i require finance. plz give the details for investing by u. Thank you