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    4 acres highway and river touch agri land for sale

    4 acres agricultural highway and river touch land for sale. Location: Village - Kumbale, Taluka – Mandangad (Near Dapoli) District - Ratnagiri in Konkan. Land is 5 km from Mandangad city. Area: 4 acres 1 Guntha Distances: From Pune Chandani Chowk: 155km, From Mangaon ST Station: 50km Road: State...
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    7 acres fully developed agricultural land for sale in Dapoli, Ratnagiri, Konkan

    Fully developed agricultural land for sale in Dapoli, Konkan. Location: Village - Rajapur, Taluka - Dapoli District - Ratnagiri in Konkan. Land is 25 km from Dapoli city and is near Anjarle. Coordinates: 17°50'43.63"N 73° 9'47.66"E Area: 7 acres 3 Gunthe Distances: From Pune Chandani...
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    Farm Ville for sale in Dapoli-Khed Highway

    Dear arun2503 All details are already mentioned in ad. If you need any more details, please call the number 9850828955 mentioned in the ad.
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    Farm Ville for sale in Dapoli-Khed Highway

    sagar_c and scphanse, can you look into following posting of mine? May be it meet you expectations of all other than price. I feel your expectation of land under 1 to 2 Lakh per acre within 10km from Dapoli with road and water availability does not sound practical...
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    Advertising Beema Bamboo

    Interested in Bamboo plantation Hello drbharati I am very much interested in Bamboo plantation, be it Beema or other varieties. On reading more about Beema Bamboo on various websites, I found that Beema bamboo is mostly preferred for use as fuel. Can Beema bamboo be equally well used for...
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    Available Wanted farmers for Contract Farming - Beema Bamboo under buyback

    Interested in Bamboo plantation I am interested in Beema Bamboo (and any other variety) plantation. I plan to use 10 acres area for Bamboo plantation. My farm is in Dapoli, district Ratnagiri in Konkan region of Maharashtra. I am interested to know economical benefits of selling Beema Bamboo...
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    How to fence agricultural land from grazing cows

    I need to put fence of 850 meter around my farm. The purpose is to protect plants in the farm from grazing cows. What could be the alternatives other than natural fencing and barbed wire fencing? I want to protect from cows starting now only. Hence not going for natural fencing as it takes 2-3...
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    Shet Tale (Farm Pond) In maharashtra

    Shet Tale Government subsidy is available in some districts of Maharashtra. In which district you want to make it? First you need to decide purpose and then what quantity of water you want to preserve. Make sure you have studies sources of water to fill in this Shet Tale. You can either...
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    Looking for information on Alphonso Cultivation

    Please read my reply to your similar question about Cashew plantation. Where Mango differs from Cashew, I am quoting the differences below: 1. Yield per mango tree: Alphanso mango can produce 250 mangos per tree at age of 10+ years. I would recommend harvesting less number of fruits per tree to...
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    Looking for information on Cashew Cultivation

    Please find below answers to your queries: 1. How far should be the land from sea: Land from seashore to upto 10km aerially from the sea shore results in better productivity. Land near creek is also good as it offers similar benefits as seashore land. 2. Plant in direct sunlight or in the...
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    Land needed in Mandangad or Konkan Area

    Land in Dapoli Please call
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    Need Bamboo to use as support for other trees

    Please do not hijack thread Dear iiht I see you replied my post with advertisement material of your nursery. Your reply is not related to the topic being discussed. Please do not hijack other's threads and thereby dilute the discussion.
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    Need Bamboo to use as support for other trees

    Thanks a lot for responding. How about cost? What does it cost me to get above Bamboos delivered at Dapoli, District Ratnagiri in Maharashtra? I hope you will be able to supply from a place nearby Dapoli.
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    Need Bamboo to use as support for other trees

    As mentioned in my post, location (for delivery) is Dapoli, District Ratnagiri in Maharashtra.
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    Need Bamboo to use as support for other trees

    Hi I need cut Bamboo to use as support for Mango and Cashew trees. My requirement is as follows: 1. 2000 (Two thousand) Bamboos 2. Each Bamboo of 2 meter length and diameter more than 2 inch 3. Bamboo should be new, strong and un-chipped. 4. It should not have any thorns and should be...