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    Eucalyptus plantation --- In Andhrapradesh.

    Hi Guys, I do have 15 acres of land in Andhrapradesh. Interested in Planting Eucalyptus in this land. is there any detailed information available in order to know details of types of plants/ Number of years and yield. Please provide the inforamtion. Thanks in advance.
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    Looking for agricultural land in andhrapradesh.

    Hi Folks, I am looking for agricultural land around 100-150 acres in Andhrapradesh. from (Rs.60,000 - Rs.80,000). Preferably around Khammam, Krishna and Prakassam distrcits. Contact me at the earliest.
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    Looking for 10 HF COWS andhrapradesh.

    I am looking for 10-15 HF COWS ,for a small dairyfarm in andhrapradesh. Please send me a private message.
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    Francise for animal farming

    Please send me the details....
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    Goat and Sheep farming or meat purpose

    please send me u r contact details Hi , I am looking for setting up a small to medium range goat farm , send me the details, so that i will contact you. thanks in advance