Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

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    business partner required

    Pl. Let me knw details
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    Diary farm in Rajashtan

    we have 5 good HF cow to sell in contact
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    commercial agriculture business

    Pl. Give me your contact no as i want to start commercial farming in rajasthan
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    starting a dairy farm

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    To buy holstein friesean cow breed

    Pl. Contact me as we have good quality hf
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    Green house cultivation

    Hi .i need consultancy on this.can you provide
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    Tissue Culture Bio-Tech Lab Setup Project Report

    i want to get into agri suggest
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    Turnkey consultation for solar power project/wind power project/green energy projects

    pl. give me your contact info as i am keen for this venture in rajasthan
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    Biogas power plants

    thanks for the info.i am interested in putting up plant & looking for more details
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    UK based and want to open large buffalo dairy in India.

    hi, i belong to jaipur & am thinking of starting big there.i am professional with good work let me know how can we join hands
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    URGENT Need Dairy Farming Consultancy Delhi (NCR) - Site Agra

    give me your contact no give me contact no's of yoursas i am interested in rajasthan