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    Need aelovera juice

    Aloevera Juice supply Dear Sir, I can supply aloevera juice froim Tamilnadu. Kindly mail your requirement... Please contact.... With Regards, Lakshmanan
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    coleus dry roots

    Supply of Coleus Dry Roots Dear Sir, Thank you for your inquiry. We are doing contact farming of Coleus. We can supply you the coleus dry roots. Also we are interested in going for an agreement for the same. Let us know the possibilities for our association and we are from Tamilnadu. Thanks...
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    wanted Acorus calamus (sweet flag) root herbs

    Acorus Calamus sir we can supply Acorus Calamus Please contact
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    new cansept

    mktg Pls mail me yr new concept.... Please contact....
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    Job wanted in Agriculture & Bio Energy field

    Appointment Dear Sir, Is there any vacancy in your esteemed organisation for a 49 year male, Indian, well wersed in labour management and co ordination with international buyers pls mail me..... Please contact.... With Regards K. Lakshmanan
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    For Sale BUY BACK SCHEME -Areca Plates /Cups making machines -special offer by EOCIndia

    plate making machine [Dear Sir Thanx for your inputs. Pls send me your full contact address.. Please contact.... Regards, Lakshmanan
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    Coleus dry rppts fpr sale/ contract farming agreement

    Sir, We do contract farming for coleus about 250 acres in Tamilnadu and can supply dry roots from feb/march 2010. We would like to have prior agreement with reputed company to sell these coleus. Also we have stock of dry coleus roots for immediate sale, Quatity: more than 50 Tons Please do...
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    I am offering Finance for India Agriculture projects.

    Iqf Dear Sir I am Lakshmanan from Chennai India. My e-mail ID: I do contract farming of Coleus (medicinal plants) and Okra (Ladies Finger) There is much demand for these both in domestic as well as in international market. Also we can go for an IQF...
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    coleus dry roots

    Sypply of coleus dry roots Dear Sir I can supply coleus dry roots from Tamilnadu Please mail. With Regards Lakshmanan Please contact....
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    Opportunity Wanted distributors districtwise

    distributorship-Tamil Nadu Dear Sir I am interested in taking it up in Tamilnadu Please send complete details and business terms to my email ID With Regards Lakshmanan +919444905983
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    I am offering Finance for India Agriculture projects.

    Agri Business Project Finance Partner Dear Sir This is Lakshmanan from Chennai, Tamilnadu would like to do a transparent business with your association. We do contract farming of the medicinal plants such as Coleus Aloevera. In coleus we supply nursery fertilizers to the farmers on buy back...
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    Coleus seedlings for sale

    supply of coleus dry roots Dear Sir I can supply you with coleus dry roots from Tamilnadu. Present availability is more than 50 Tons-Dry Roots-Ready for immediate delivery. Seasonal supply will be from Feb 2010 to May 2010- Open Market Rate On prior Agreement Competitive rates are offered...
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    dairy projects

    Supply of Refrigeration Equipments Dear Sir We are pleased to submit our profile for your kind reference to have n association. Please respond.. With Regards K. Lakshmanan Manager-Sales & Mktg. M/s. Indus Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd, Chennai is an Engineering, Procurement and Contracting...
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    Wanted Dealers / Distributors for HERBAL WATER throughout India.

    distributorship Dear Sir I am interested in acting as a distributor for this herbal water. I am from Chennai- TAMILNADU. Kindly send me with the complete details with terms and conditions... Please contact.... With Regards Lakshmanan
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    Sale business place in Chennai, Heart of the city

    sale of business property Dear Sir Please send the details of the premises. Please contact... I am a mediator. With Regards Lakshmanan
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    Wanted Agro Commodities Regularly

    Supply of F & V Dear Sir I can supply you fresh fruits & vegetables from Tamilnadu. To move ahead please provide me with clear spec. of your products. I would like to inform you that I am not a former and can act as a mediator rather to say act as a supplier for Indo Universal. If you are...
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    Ready to Invest in Agri Projects

    Project Proposal Dear Sir We are an exporter of Frozen Fruits & Vegetables from Chennai. We do contract forming and have few viable projects which fetches without any loss. On mutual discussion it can be taken for bank approval. As such bank is ready to approve our projects. Our parent...
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    To establishe a Cold store and preservation of vegetables

    Dear Mr. Alok We Ms. Indus Refrigeration Pvt Ltd. Chennai is in the field of providing Cold Storages and Freezing Solutions fot Fruit & Vegetable industries SeafoodMeat processing industries. We can provide you with a cold storage of your requirement. Please contact us with the details of...
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    land for sale

    where this exactly located Would you be interested? if yes please mail me to with regards K. Lakshmanan 9444905983
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    Business proposal

    Dear Sir I can arrange for contract farming for these medicinal plants near TV Malai. I will act as a Mediator between you and the farmers and will take whole responsibilty. I dont have my land of own. Would you be interested? if yes please mail me..... with regards K. Lakshmanan Please...