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    Lands wanted for Lease

    thanx Thanx for your reply Sir May I know how much do you charge for an acre of land for an year.. Regards, Vanitha
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    Loan to purchase agriculture land

    seeking loan to purchase agri land Dear Sir/ Madam Could you please provide me your contact number? I am in great need of loan to purchase an agricultural land. I will be glad if your reply to my message. Please contact me, Regards, Vanitha
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    5 acres fertile agri land located near Bangalore is for sale(Rs.2.5L/acre)

    Please give me info Hello This is Vanitha. Tell me whether the land got sold out or not? Because I am interested in that land...
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    Earn Rs.10000 without investment

    Hello Friend Hello, This is Vanitha. I would interested to know about the business which you had announced in this forum with the title "Earn Rs.10000 without investment" You have said to send you a private message. Please contact...
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    Lands wanted for Lease

    Hello to all the members, I am Vanitha,residing in Bangalore. I am planning to cultivate aloevera trees on a large scale but I have no land. Can anybody provide me the land of about 1acres (preferably around Bangalore) for lease? Interested people can contact me.. Vanitha.
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    Please give me info

    Thanks for ur info.. Hi, Thanks for your reply.. May I knw wat is ur profession? If u have a gud knowledge about this aloe vera cultivation please share with me.. I am choosing this crop becoz I have around 30 saplings of aloe vera in my home. I thought of converting those into a...
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    Please give me info

    Hello, This is Vanitha, residing in Bangalore,Karnataka. I am interested in cultivating aloe vera in my small land using glass house technique. I am from an economically backward family.. So I need to improve my financial status... Can anyone give me an estimate as how much it costs? Also I...