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    For rent virgin coconut oil factory

    I own a virgin coconut oil(dme) i ve marketing tie for entire production, due to my illness i plan to rent out the unit deposit is 1000000 and rent of 50000. In year atlest minimum 25% rtn is made
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    Small bicuit making plant

    I want biscuit making machinery 4 my own use
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    I got agmark licence 4 my edible oil(coconut oil) i am looking 4 distributer in kochi, intersted and experienced /confident distributers invited to participate in franchisee partners.
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    I am virgin coconut oil n coconut oil producer, i m trying for agmark for coconut oil, its process on way. I want to know is there financial help from coconut development board, from cdb site i realised 25% n 50% subsidy? How classified 25% n 50% ?
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    Wanted active partner for small diary project

    I plan small diary project, as bufflows feeds available with me
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    Wanted agri gents labours

    Free foood n accomadation provided, only day work also dehusker of coconut
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    Want agri labours gents

    I need agri labours gents, free accomodation provided n food facility provided, initial salary 175 for day work, it may go up
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    Coconut Grove for Sale

    I am intersted in coconut estate, plsmail
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    agri land

    I am intersted in agri land,pls conduct
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    Share holders

    Wanted share holders to invest my agri business, minimum 50000 tour investment isassured,minimum 15% return assured, it may go up or down.down chances is remote
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    Green riped coconut

    i want 50000 nos pm riped,matured, husked coconuts average whole weght 2.5 to 4 at competitive prices, i will collect from estate, genuine farmers pls conduct, middle man man excuse
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    Cold storage, multipurpose cold storage, CA chambers, IQF consultancy available

    Cold storage I plan 600ton coldstorage near my factory in chandiroor, alapuzha dt, kerala, i also has 100 ton cold storage in my place, i want six champers with different temperature setting, i want full concultancy from land purchsde to running, siraj
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    I want 26 ton riped n husked coconuts
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    Green coconuts

    I want 50000 nuts monthly above 500gm on long term basis, genuine farmers with ability to supply on long term pls conduct price will be fixed as win win method n both are survival is most important. Please contact.... nb farmers in tn prefared siraj
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    Make charcoal from Coconut shells, wood dust, rice hull, waste tree branches and more

    i need ur heip to make coconut charcol, as i have lot of coconut shell'
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    Animal Pellet/Feed Making Machines

    i am looking for anmal feed mixing machine. siraj
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    For Sale Franchisee for Renewable energy power projects

    i m fm kerala,pls send more detiles. siraj
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    Biomass Power Project

    Biu gas plant Actually i am coconut processor, i had coconut water, dung, urine, coco pit, agriculteral waste n plastic waste, i want full consultancy.
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    Green coconut

    [b]greeem coconut above 500gm upto 700gm for oil production on ragular basis minimum 26000/month with or without husk price is no problum which is dependent on oil content.
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    agri investor

    i m running virgin coconut oil, coconut oil and coconut fibre units in tntegrated foam, now i plan diary farming use feed as coconut cake, rice bran, agricultural waste n grass, using dung i plan biogas plant secondly jetrofa plantation. if anybody intersted pls inform