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    Bakrid Sheep Rams (Nellore Brown) for sale near Hyderabad.

    do you have small rams that can be reared .give your mobile no.
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    Excellent quality Moringa saplings for sale..

    info are these saplings available at hyderabad or can they be supplied at hyd. what is the price of each sapling and the minimum quantity supplied
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    High yield fodder slips for sale

    hi iam from hyderabad and want co4 fodder slips can you send them to hyderabad and what is the price regards
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    2 HP weeder for sale at 13,500/-

    hi iam kiran from hyderabad please send the details of the weeder and whwther it can be supplied in hyderabad
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    Azzola meal: Low budget high returns

    hi Hi Reddy what is the price of feed and whether it is available in hyderabad.what is the minimum packing you can supply
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    like to sell cattle feed

    hi where are you located and whether you can supply it at hyderabad.what is the price
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    Fighting cocks (Assel)

    hi what is the age and price of different cocks.send pics to
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    Looking for Agro Shade Net buyers

    hi what is the price per sqm and where is it available in hyderabad
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    Looking for Mulch Film buyers

    hi already we have planted 300 mango trees can this mulch sheet be used for these plants .what is the price of sheet and whether it is available in hyderabad
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    Drumstick/Moringa for sale

    hi can you supply these planta at hyderabad and hat is the price and minimum quantity to be supplied
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    Turkey birds for sale in Hyderabad

    hi hi i want to buy turkey to be kept in my farm.please send the details of what breed you have and the price.
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    Country Chicken for sale

    pleasen the qotation and whether you can supply them at hyderabad.what are different country chicken breeds you can supply
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    sell moringa pkm1 seed for sale

    hi iam looking for moriga cultivation as an inter crop in mango .can you supply the seeds at hyderabad and what is the price and minimum quantity to be bought
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    mango plants in bulk quantity

    urgent do you have cheruku rasam mango variety mango grafts.and what is the price if they are available
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    want turkey chicks

    can you supply the chicks at hyderabad and what is the cost.what are the types of turkey chicks you have
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    Parry Organic Spirulina First to Receive USP Dietary Ingredient Verification Program

    what is the cost of spirulina you are supplying.and can you supply the same at hyderabad
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    Co4 - Hybrid Napier grass slips for sale.

    can you supply co4 slips at hyderabad and please quote the price of slips regards
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    High Yeilding Jersy cross breed Cows for sale at Hyderabad

    can you tell your location so that we can come and see the cows.
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    Spirulina for sale

    quotation can you supply the spirulina at hyderabad and plz mention the price per kg of spirulina through PM