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    Murrah Buffalo from Jind Haryana

    I am selling two (2) pure murrah buffalo brought from Jind, Haryana giving Milk 10-12+++Kg per day One has male calf, one has female calf, The Calfs are 1 and 1-1/2 Month old. Selling Buffalo and calf for 65,000 and 70,000. the buffalos are in Jalandhar Punjab Call or Email me
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    Animal Nutrition

    Hi anand.K karnataka What ever your name is If you are running a business???? You gave us detail of what your product is.. Is is wise to give your telephone No.??? Your address.... Thanks The Eagle
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    Coconut Farm for sale in Pudukkottai District

    Hi Yuvraj you should put the price and details on the site, it would make it easier for everyone instead of emailing for information. If someone is interested and likes the price they will get in touch with you. Thanks The Eagle
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    Murrah Buffalo for sale

    Hi What day of the month? Any telephone No. of the organ..... I am looking for 25+ murrah buffalo's . Milk per day 15+ Kg. Thanks
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    Original Murrah Buffalos

    Hello Mr. Madur Singhal I want to buy your buffalos if the price is OK. I Have a form witht 40 buffalo's 20 Milking. I am looking for 25+ Murrah Buffalo's If you can I want picture of each, What Lactation (I want 2nd or 3rd year)?. Date of Calving?, Age of animal? Sex of Calf? Kg of Milk each...