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    For Sale Timber trees savuku ,thailam,malai vembu teak and kumil teak can be cutted at good rate in Tamilnadu.

    Have around 1000 malai vembu .. Just 1.5 - 2 yrs.. good for firewood and match stick. Place is in vandavasi.
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    Opportunity Wanted Farmers - Medicinal Plants-Contract Farming / Buyback

    Have 8 acres in TN. Can you please PM me with the details sir?
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    Opportunity Wanted Farmers for Cultivation of Bird Eye Chilli Under Buy Back system

    I have some 8 acres of land available as intercrop for this. Can you please let me know?
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    Job Available Farmer required

    Wanted a farmer / with family to work in my farm at Thellar, Vandavasi, Tiruvannamalai Dist in Tamilnadu. Daytime only farmers are also ok who would not want to stay at the farm
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    Land Available Agricultural land available for sale

    Please PM me for this.
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    Land Available Agricultural land available for sale

    Can you please PM me
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    Land Available Agricultural land available for sale

    Am planning to sell my agricultural lands situated in Thellar / Vandavasi in Tamil Nadu. Total area comes to around 6 acres; available as 3 sub divisions too. Please PM me if interested for further details.
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    Poll Is it really possible to buy good agriculture land at low prices?

    You can if are capable of purchas ing in bulk parcels. The middle man so called "Agri promoters" are currently doing that only. They buy cheap and sell to people living in cities at a minimum 5 times purchase value. Apart from that in the name of caretaking they suck out a lot of money...
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    Land Available Land for sale near Bathalagundu

    Cost and other details please
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    Land Available 300 Acres of Cheap Farm land in Theni Dist at Kadamalaikundu Area.

    Is it possible to buy only a 10 acre portion of the land?
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    Land Available Cheap land

    Can you please provide more details - like if you are the owner or broker? Is it possible to buy 4 acres of it? Exact location. What is being grown now? Water available?
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    For Sale Totapuri mango

    Posted contact details in personal thread.pls check.
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    For Sale Totapuri mango

    Location is Vandavasi, Thiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu.
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    For Sale Totapuri mango

    Totapuri mangoes 2tons available for sale. Organic cultivation practised.
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    For Sale Rs.1 Lakh per acre - Agricultural Land for Sale

    Location and contact please
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    For Sale Organically grown mangoes

    Will have 2 acres organically grown mangoes ready by June mid . Anyone would be interested to buy them?
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    Advertising Papaya cultivation with Add-on farming

    I am planning 6 acres of pappaya cultivation. We follow only organic methods. Please share details.
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    Required Need buy back contract for papaya

    Looking for buy back contracts for pappaya farming.. around 6 acres in TN
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    Opportunity Contract farming - forage / fodder crops - wanted in TN

    Sir, am doing some organic farming on some 8 acres in tiruvannamalai. All trees. Si can add fodder as inter crop. Please let me know.