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    Land Required Land in Anantapur Needed

    Hi Friends, I am looking for cheap agricultural land (preferably 40-50 acres) for my upcoming project. I don't need the land to be cultivated or nearby water (however preferable). I can afford 1 - 1.5 lacs per acre. Please let me know if you have / know any. Cheers.
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    Land Available 7.5 acres of farm land 100kms away from Bangalore

    Is this still available? I am interested.
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    Land Available 15 Acres of Organic certified Agriculture land for Lease in Trichy District Tamilnadu

    Hi, how much of the land is free of trees? I am looking for 10 acres of land to start a dairy farm with 200 cows. Are you willing to lease it long term?
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    Land Available Agriculture Land For Sale - Telangana

    I am interested too. Can you give me more details like price, access to water and road? I am looking for land to start a dairy.