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    Required coir pith

    Hi everybody wish u happy new year ....I am manufacturing of 5 kg coirpith block low ec and same as high ec. anybody want to this,contact me
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    Required Industrial shed with Eb connections with water facility

    Hi Dear friends i need Industrial shed min size(80'x20'),max (100'x40').its very expect location in and around pollachi.
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    Required coir pith

    regarding cocopeat powder \week 50 tonnes Hi Hareesh,Am Deena from tamilnadu.i need Cocopeat powder.\week 50 to 100 tonnes Low required qty is PH value is 5.5 to 6.5 and EC value is below 0.5.
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    Required coir pith

    regarding coir peat\coco peat hi jayabal,dis s
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    Required coir pith

    regarding coco peat powder Hi Ashok,dis s my mail id
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    wanted Coco peat Powder Low ec 100Tonnes\week

    Hi i need raw material of coir pith \ coir dust low ec.
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    Requirement of Coco Peat

    Manufacturer of coir bricks\coco peat Hi further details sent to my mail id
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    Agri Land for sale @ pollachi

    Required agriland Hi MR.Manikandan,i need a agri land (coconut farm),per acre 2 laksh,good water facility and EB connection and i need road face. pls send to my mail id further contacts
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    buy agri land in easy monthly installments

    REQUIRED Agriculture land HI i'd be interest in buy the agriculture land,further contact send to my mail id
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    roofing,shed and fencing at low cost

    Required industrialshed Hi Dear Lakshmi, i need a industrial temporary shed,it is my required size; length 80 feet and breadth 40 feet height 15 feet.U have details send to my mail id [COLOR="RoyalBlue"COLOR]
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    Required coir pith

    required of coir pith rawmaterial Hi Hareesh M, I required a raw material of coir pith, i need a weekly around 50 tonnes. further details you have send to this mail id.
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    Wanted Investors

    your place Where r u living and which place u r living
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    Required coir pith

    Coir pith raw material (coco peat\coconut peat) i need a Low Electrical Conductivity of coir pith. Am waiting for your favorable reply. i required weekly around 50 tonnes. Thanking you