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    agricultura land required - Thanjavur/Thiruvaur/Pattukottai/puthukottai

    agriculture lands for sale about 10 acres of very fertile land ,near Kumbakonam in Pandanallur about 18 km from kumbakonam is for sale .presently sugarcane is being cultivated .clear title .those who are interested for immediate purchase please call
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    Land for sale

    Agri land for sale in Thanjavur Dist Tamilnadu About 11 acres of good agricultural lands are available about 18 km from Kumbakonam and about 10 km from Mayiladuthurai .Contact for more details or email .Genuine buyers please contact
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    agri land for sale in tamilnadu

    about 10 acres of fertile land in pandanallur ,near kumbakonam is avilable for sale .clear title ,interested cash parties contact price @5 lakhs per acre -negoitable . land on the main road ,about 18 km from kumbakonam and about 10 km from mayiladuthurai, 3 no deep bore bell ,with good...
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    15acre agri land avail in 40km from trichy

    fertile land for sale about ten acres of very fertile land with free current motor connection and deep bore well in good working condition the land is near kumbakonam in thanjavur district .clear title interested parties can contact in my cell phone. Please contact..... the price range is...
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    wanted agriculture land with water resource on lease basis

    farm land on lease i have about 30 acres of land in thanjavur dist near kumbakonam please contact me on my cell for contract on lease
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    Land Owners Partnership Program

    ] dear friend ,i have got about 30 acres of land in thanjavur dist near kumbakonam i am interested in your proposal please contact in my cell...
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    EMU Birds

    emu farm Dear Friends please let me know whether i can start a emu farm in tamilnadu near mayiladuthurai . i have got about 35 acres of land and cultivating sugarcane .i want to improve the land