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    Land Required Looking to buy farm Land 15+ acres - Southern Tamil Nadu

    What is the price of land around Ooty and if it's range is around 5lacs, and what's the size of the land ?
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    For Sale Spirulina

    delivery location and cost ? the requirement is very less but want to know the cost.
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    Question Regarding Agarwood plantation

    Are you farming agarwood ? or had knowledge about ? kindly share your number so I can contact for clarifications.
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    Required Wanted 5000 investors for bamboo

    Send details and location and any deeds being entered ?
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    For Sale Agarwood Plants

    Hey Hi, I need information on plantation and other information on agarwood, can you share your contact details ?
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    Question Regarding Agarwood plantation

    Has anyone planted Agarwood plantation in telangana and andhra pradesh states. I want to know the procedure to plant, life time and income opportunities and clarify other doubts.
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    Question Agroforestry

    I have few questions regarding taking up agroforestry due to new to agriculture. 1 ) what is minimum size of land preferable to takeup agroforestry concept? 2) what are the plants/saplings that helps in long term (20years and above) wealth creation in wild conditions (less manpower utilization)...
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    Question Start a natural/organic/ ZBNF farming

    nothing is stopping me from taking up organic farming sir, just that the process of purchase in under process.
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    Wanted Eucalyptus plantations

    what exactly is you are looking in the eucalyptus plantation ? My friend got a farm in telangana of about 4 acres. and please PM me the exact details maybe which can be helpful for both
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    Question Start a natural/organic/ ZBNF farming

    Thank you very much for sharing the information sir
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    Question Start a natural/organic/ ZBNF farming

    losses for doing organic/zbnf farming ?
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    Question Inter cropping options in eucalyptus farm ?

    Thank you for the information, it is on irrigation basis and not rain fed cultivation, but not sure of the spacing between plants.
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    Question Start a natural/organic/ ZBNF farming

    Presently in the said farm, the farmer is taking up multiple crop cultivation by making it into plots for cultivation of vegetables, toor and other seasonal crops. But he isnt doing organic farming. so wanted to learn from a farmer who is doing organic farming from atleast two years
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    Question Inter cropping options in eucalyptus farm ?

    A friend of mine has a three acre three year old eucalyptus farm but the growth of the plants was not upto the mark as he is having a regular job and couldn't provide sufficient time to farming. Now he wishes to plan for inter crops between the eucalyptus plants simultaneously as he got work...
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    Question Start a natural/organic/ ZBNF farming

    I am new to agriculture and in plan to start organic farming in the farm land i am planning to buy. So i want to learn the zbnf/organic farming model which gives ample opportunities to safeguard the investment made and also to generate regular income from the farm. As i and my family are new to...
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    For Sale Agriculture land - 80 km from Hyderabad.

    which village is it exactly and type of soil and price expected per acre ?