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    Land Available Agriculture Land For Sale - Telangana

    pls help me with more details
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    Land Available 7.5 acres of farm land 100kms away from Bangalore

    pls share the details to connect
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    For Sale 8 acre land in south Solapur

    Hi , Could you help me with more details. happy to connect with you
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    Land Available 14 Acre Agriculture Land sale in Dindigul

    Please send me the land details to my mail id
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    Land Available Agriculture Land of 5 acres from Hyderabad in Suryapet District.

    Please message me your contact details. Would like to consider.
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    Wanted Looking for Bulk supply -Turmeric /Red Chili /Coriander/Black Pepper

    Looking for 3 tons of Turmeric /Red Chili /Coriander/Black Pepper powder - for more information- please reach out to me .
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    Wanted Dealers for Value Added, Unique Products direct from farmers

    Please send in your details .
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    Wanted Organic produce

    I am looking for bulk turmeric and chilli powder, please share your details to connect.
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    Wanted Looking for Bulk supply -Turmeric /Red Chili /Coriander/Black Pepper

    Dear All, Looking for suppliers/farmers, who can supply following spices [in powder form] Looking for best price. Turmeric /Red Chili /Coriander/Black Pepper -[Qty 1 to 3 ton to start ] Please send in your quotation [product details/ Location/ Grade/certification .