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    IT Sec to Farming

    Like to share some experience :-) 1. Started farming around 2.5 years with 4.5 acres 2. First year went in getting the fencing done and building a small room so that we have some place to sit. 3. We started off with Banana as it was suiting my weekend effort compared to other crops. 4. We...
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    Help: Dairy Farms to Visit around bangalore and mysore

    try oxygen acres on google you will get the information. It's too high end..not sure workable solution in thr long run..
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    Quitting job in mid 30'fc and farming

    I am in the same group. Have 4.5 acres and want to move in full time.. I feel 25-30K per month is achievable if you have some cash crop. But not really sure if we need to get 30K from other sources to get into farming. If you have 30K guaranteed income then what else you need? If you...
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    Saffron Seeds

    Country of kashmir !! Wow nice way to go..
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    Fertile Land Near Mysore

    HI, We have our farm near mysore. We can sync up over weekend...let me know your contact details...
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    Software Professionals Turned Farmers

    Dear Anil, That's exactly the point why I approached this forum. Also as I am not full time into this and have supporting hand in getting things done we are lacking in progress.. But the plan was always to start slow and understand various models people have been using.... may be we...
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    Software Professionals Turned Farmers

    Nothing much :-) 1. Learnings 2. New ideas implemented 3. Places where we can get some rare plants etc...
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    Please Help Me

    Have a look. I am also a starter like you. Share your learnings
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    Software Professionals Turned Farmers

    Hello All, I see previous thread with this subject line is closed. And also I see the last update on the previous thread was 2010 Feb. I guess and hope there would be lot more people started farming and also the ones who had started made some progress in that direction Please share your...
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    plantation moringa seeds

    Could you please send me the quote for 1000 seeds. Also Please let me know PKM1 details(yield, period etc)
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    Need Moringa Seeds

    Hello, I need Moringa Seeds(PKM1 or 2). I need around 1000 seeds. Please send me the price quote.
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    We can make your farm organic

    Hello Anand where exactly near mysore? We have lands near HD Kote. Let me know if we can share information about our experiences..
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    Project Report

    Hello , Could you please help us in preparing a project plan for lan development? Please let me know. We can discuss the details later..
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    wormicompost for sale in mysore

    Hello, We have land near HD Kote. Let me know when we can come down inspect. ALso Do you ship the Compost ?
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    25 acres of Agri-land for sale-24 KM from Mysore

    I am interested. Please let me know the exact location.
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    Farmhouse-Agricultural land for sale in coorg

    Hello I am interested in this property. Please call me