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    Wanted Looking agricultural land Gundelpettu, Mettupalayam, 100 km from Kerala.

    90 Acres at Rs 10 Lakhs per acre . Power water About 3000 and more coconut yielding trees two bed rooms house , quarterses godown , power fence etc No 9342110000,
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    How many stand of teak tree can be planted on one acre of land.

    Initial planting is to be at 6feet by 6 feet , and will have to be halved the third year if the growth is good, and after wards every third year looking at the growth condetins . And from the 12 th year the bulls are to be removed to permit growth for the normal straight growing ones . Under...
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    Can I use electricity from the existing well to new bore well pump ??

    Good question and good answers . If you are in Karnataka there is an Akrama Salrama provision even if you violate some rules.
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    please suggest me any part time job in agriculture field

    Contact me 9342110000
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    Palm/supari leaves, Coconut leaves compost - new ideas/suggestions

    My further thoughts for Kr swathy. For a place like Boston in USA , where the climate goes to extream cold . In November December there would be 3 to 5 feet of Ice on the ground , earlier grass and leaves would be there as in a deep freezer . And by May June weather would be warm and the...
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    Termite Treatment for Amla Trees. Suggestions and views will be very much appreciated

    Why spend money if one is a farmer. He can use the Banana plant stumb juice. If it works .
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    Palm/supari leaves, Coconut leaves compost - new ideas/suggestions

    Never try Vermy compost. The so called vermy compost contains heavy metal to my knowledge , which can make your farmers product polluted with heavy metal . That worm is not an earth worm . They are created by the Grand Geometrician of the Universe .. The Universial Architect ( God Almighty)...
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    Termite Treatment for Amla Trees. Suggestions and views will be very much appreciated

    After cutting the Banana bunch , cut the stem and extract the juice in a mixy and mix as much water or more and pore on base of the infested plant . You can increase the water , by your own trial. This should work. Thanks James Jacob Kynadi
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    Steps required to purchase agriculture land in Karnataka

    Inform as which part of Karnataka , and for what cultivation. What ever cultivation , you or your parents will have to be farmers , you should not be having taxable income from sources other than Farming . And you can only buy within ceiling limits of Karnataka Land reforms Act
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    Want to start agriculture newly

    What ever anyone wants to start planting , first study it's demand and future scope for marketing or value addition .
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    Want to start agriculture newly

    You will start getting your returns in a month.
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    Want to start agriculture newly

    Yes gnanakannans advise is correct. Better look through Net Subash Palekar's Zero budget natural farming . I am near Mysore and a farmer under this method for the past 7 years . Had tried all other systems before but this gives profit to the farmer,healthy products, improves soil and nature...
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    Looking for Start up in Plantation in Uttar Pradesh

    I am a farmer having lands in Kerala and Karnataka. I got the best coconut farmer of Southwestern India award of the years 2014 to 2016, by the Indian Coconut Development Board . It was awarded by Central Agriculture Minister st Bubaneswar . I am a Zero Budget Natural farmer for the past 7...