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    available for sale castor seeds and soya bean seeds in bulk

    castor seed Please send quote to for Jaipur delivery in bulk.
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    Wants Neem cake and bone meal

    contact for neem & its product 9830071532
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    Food Security Bill

    Food for all It is not good for our country. It is a scheme to make most of the people 85% population as ideal eaters with no work and no future . If food is distributed to 85% of population at a throwaway price, the good quality will go to the houses of politicians first, than medium will go...
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    Oil expeller for sale

    Oil Expeller Please send size, place, price to
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    Wanted neem cake powder with oil

    Neem oil & Cake We have in ready stock export quality Expeller Neem Cake and Neem Oil at our Jaipur (Rajasthan) and Kolkata (West Bengal) Unit. contact 9830071532
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    neem oil

    For Kolkata @ 150/-per Lit, packing charge extra
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    For Sale neem leaf powder making machine

    please send quote with complete details to
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    Neem seeds required regularly

    Neem Seed Where you require (delivery point), and packing. write to
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    neeem oil production

    Neem Oil unit Where you want to setup, contact 9830071532
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    want to purchase neem cack and bone meal f application in fruit crops in large quant

    Neem Cake Dear Sir, We, Bicco Agro Products P.Ltd., based in Kolkata and Jaipur (India) are Manufacturer/Exporter/Trading company mainly dealing in Medicinal Plants, Herbs, seeds, non edible oils and various agro Chemicals (organic) for agriculture use. We have ready stock of cold pressed...
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    neem oil

    We can supply
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    Guar seeds wanted

    Guar Seed Rs.300/- contact for bulk quantity
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    Guar seeds

    Guar Seed Rs.300/- contact for bulk quantity
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    Lemom grass oil

    Lemon grass oil We are the seller contact with full details and contact information for long term business.
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    Lemongrass oil with 87.86% citral content

    We are the buyer contact with full details and contact information for long term business.
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    Black Pepper for Whole Sales

    We are the buyer contact with full details and contact information for long term business. Bicco Agro
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    Herbs, fruits & spices for sale

    Send your contact detail and offering for long term business.
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    Wanted Herbs in Bulk

    Quantity The minimum quantity of each product is 500kg. beside this Pipple is 2MT, Isabgole is full truck load, Aswagandha is 2MT, further the quantity may be increased if the prices and quality of the products are competitive.
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    Joint Venture

    We have 30000sqft. of land with 7000sqft. of Shed with 25hp power connection in one of the Industrial Belt on Agra Road of Jaipur(Rajasthan). If any one have good project for joint venture may contact.
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    Wanted Herbs in Bulk

    1.Aswagandha 2.Vasaka 3.Benamul (Khas) 4.Daruchini(Lavang) 5.Dhataki ( Dhaiphool) 6.Elaichi 7.Gokhru 8.Haritaki (Harad) 9.Jostimadhu (Mulethi) 10.Kakra shringi 11.Katfall (Kutaki) 12.Kur (Puskar Mul) 13.Labanga (Dalchni) 14.Maricha (Kali Mirch) 15.Motha (Musta) 16.Pippali (Piper longum)...