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    For Sale India's first Bio-processed vacuum packed Date Palm Jaggery

    India's first vacuum packed bio-processing technology preserved Date Palm Jaggery Origin : Midnapore , West Bengal Moisture : 6-8% pH : 5.4 Block size : 400 gm Shelf life : 12 months NOTE : Nipa Plam ( Nypa fruticans ) sap jaggery processing will start from NOV, 2021 Interested resellers /...
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    Wanted Paddy wheat rice straw for mushroom cultivation

    Cut size ( 50-60 cm ) or full length ? Washed or crude ? Available at Midnapore , WB , Transportation through...
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    Required Animal feeds manufacturing units

    Post pandemic animal feed market trend has changed substantially , due to high prices and a limited supply of conventional raw feed materials in India . Unless you can supply good , balanced animal feed in the market your project will not sustain in the long run . Currently great interest among...
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    Opinion Agricultural Biodiversity

    COVID-19 is exposing the flaws of our current agriculture and food systems and is forcing us to reflect on the changes we need to make to achieve a food system that adequately nourishes people and sustains the planet. We cannot simply hope that things will go back to normal soon – but we can...
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    Question Need suggestions- permaculture?

    1970s by David Holmren and Bill Mollison, two Australians conceptualized to utilized a piece of land in a holistic manner, integrating every animal and plant living on it, and combining that with social structures designed to foster long-lasting agriculture as well. A few principles of...
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    Question Jack fruit processing

    Food processing has no limit on innovate ; for one who is from food technology background ! Jackfruit is called as noble fruit in the west , having great potential for numerous value additions … ethnic or high end , but not feasible or profitable for home scale manufacturing . Raw or...
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    Available Irrigated Agriculture land ( West Bengal )

    Available agricultural land for contract farming ( single crop , multicrop ,integrated ) Area : 30 acres ( Cultivated - Rice ) Barren : 25 acres ( for Rainfed crops- Millets etc. ) Location : Midnapur , West Bengal Current crops : Rice ,Lentils ( Black gram , Mung bean , ) Oil seed ( Mustard...
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    For Sale Wild edible fruit -Alangium salvifolium (Ankol /Ankola/Alangi)

    Lesser Known underutilized and neglected wild edible fruit species – 1 Alangium salvifolium (Syn. Alangium lamarckii; Family: Alangiaceae) Vernacular names : Sage leaved Alangium ( English ) Ankol ( Gujarati ) Angol, Ankora, Dhera ( Hindi ) Ankola ( Marathi ) Akarkanta, Ankod ( Bengali )...
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    Question Sea weed

    In global terms, cultivation of microalgae is the fastest growing sector within aquaculture, but despite good natural conditions (cold, nutrient-rich waters), it is relatively underdeveloped in India. AquaAgri is seeking to identify how to develop sustainable large-scale cultivation of macro...
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    Question Best Coconut Sapling for Starter

    Being a newbie it better to go for local tall variety, minimum crop management, less expensive . For dwaft and hybrid variety , it’s round the clock close monitoring and lots of Do and Don’t’s to follow and expensive . Quality pureline or hybrid variety planting materials are booked 1 yr in...
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    Question Guava Processing

    There are several new brands using innovative culinary recipes to prepare bottled Guava juices - Blending with vegetable juice , Sugar cane juice etc. Blending of fruit with sugarcane juice is new entrant in the Indian juice space, not only enhances flavour but also elevates the...
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    Question Best Coconut Sapling for Starter

    Coconut is a heavy consumer of soil nutrients particularly nitrogen, potassium and chlorine . It is, therefore, essential to identify the land either having own mineral compositions in the sub soil or needs adequate supply of fertilizers externally for sustaining the productivity of the crop...
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    Wanted Tissue culture lab

    In India , Agricultural Biotechnology products are regulated by the ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change jointly with the Department of Biotechnology , Ministry of Science and Technology and State Governments. Biotech is not cheap, and it is also high-risk – public funders need to...
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    For Sale SACHA INCHI ( Plukenetia volubilis) Oil & Nut

    Indian farmers grown Peruvian super nut "Sacha Inchi / Inca Nut " Oil & Nut are available in bulk or consumer packing Private brand offers accepted for customised packing . Lab tested nutrition facts ( Oil and roasted nuts) reports are shared with resellers or private brand owners ...
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    Wanted Tamarind shell removal and seed removal machine

    What do you mean by " authentic " supplier ?
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    For Sale Indian farmers grown SACHA INCHI value added products now available

    Please check your mailbox . Thanks
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    For Sale Sell : Date Palm Jaggery ( Soild )

    For Sell : Date Palm Jaggery ( Khajur Ka Gur / Khejur Patali ) Purity and quality lab test report available with every batch . Packing : Loose Bulk or container packing Origin : Nadia / Bankura ( West Bengal ) Bulk business enquiries soliciated . Contact with private message .
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    Wanted Drumstick seeds

    You are late , mother seed out of stock , new stock will be available in the month of May next year .
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    Good morning ! Well, get in touch with my brother Avijit Maity in West Bengal

    Good morning ! Well, get in touch with my brother Avijit Maity in West Bengal