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    Land Available 6 Acres Of Agriculture Land For Sale

    Please share details.
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    Question Nilgiri plantation

    I have 23gunta land in kaleshwaram so can I plan to Nilgiri plantation on this Is it profitable? Is any one available to maintain after cutting profit sharing? In 23gunta how many plants to plan? And how many cutting will to take? And how many tons can I expect? What is the price for ton?
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    Land Required Agriculture land near Karimnagar

    We are looking for agriculture land near Karimnagar, peddapalli, mantani side area below 8lac /acre .. Need 5-10acre
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    Question Need suggestions teak or sandal plantation

    Hi We have 1.5 acer land in Kaleshwaram, So we are planning to teak or sandal or etc plantation Please provide good suggestions If I go with teak how many types are available? And good teak ? and future demand?
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    For Sale Need dairy farms marketing persons

    Hi Iam new entrepreneur in Hyderabad We are manufacturing 3 liters curd buckets in Hyderabad so I want to sell curd buckets in dairy farms so how can I contact them. I need marketing persons for this. Please give suggestions Thankyou
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    For Sale 50 acers agriculture land in Telangana

    Is it available now? I want 10acars
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    Wanted Looking for delars for curd & jam buckets 5kgs

    We are manufacturing curd & jam buckets 5 kgs. So we are looking for dealers/retailers for plastic curd & jam buckets
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    For Sale 21 acres open land near Hyderabad

    Plz send details
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    For Sale For sale wet land 8acre

    Where is the location,we r looking near Hyderabad
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    For Sale Fresh ginger available for sale in Assam

    Plz send price both,my mail id
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    For Sale Ginger, Turmeric, Tulsi, Aloevera
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    For Sale Organic ginger sale at lowest price

    Price and photos plz send my mail Swetswethakotte975@gmail
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    For Sale Ginger, Turmeric, Tulsi, Aloevera

    Plz send ginger and haldi price with photos to my mail Swetswethakotte975@gmail
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    Wanted want 20 acre farm land in hyderabad

    Can you pls give me your no
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    For Sale Plastic Curd buckets

    We are manufacturers of curd buckets up to 10kgs. If anybody interested, please do email/call on below mentioned numbers. Please contact us genuine buyers. 7842130358
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    Need guidance to start milk packets packing bussiness

    Hi,i want to do milk packet packing bussiness with 500 litters of milk so i. need suggestions and details about machines, and Subsidy details and I want Buffalos milk 200-500liters pure(100%) Buffalos milk/day.iam in Hyderabad.
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    Wanted Wanted 5 acres land for teak plantation in Karimnagar,Warangal,Rangareddy District .

    I want 5acar land for teak plantation in karimnagar,warangal,rangareddy district areas,my budget 1 lac/acar
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    Wanted I want agricultural land in Telangana.

    I want agricultural land in telangana,my budget 2-3lac for acar