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    agri land in alibaug and shahpur (maharashtra)

    Rishi Alibaug & Shahpur seem to be on road to becoming urban cities now. What is the coastal agriculture land cost generally around the area (I mean for agriculture, in 25/50/100 acres & touching the sea)? Rgds.
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    Urgently wanter 100 acres of land anywhere in india

    I am looking for 100 acres too. Rajasthan, MP, UP, Maharashtra preferred but anywhere in India possible. Should be within 2-4 hour drive by car to any city. Rgds. Sanjay. 9872549333.
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    Barren & Non Agriculture LAnd 4 Sale @Very Cheap Price, Front @on Road, 6 Km Highway

    Price is high for barren land. I am interested in 100 acres or so Agri land, so size matches..arid or not very good land should do. Tell me why you consider the land barren? Rgds. Sanjay. 9872549333.
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    Agriculture Land for sale in Madhya Pradesh (100/500/1000 Acres)

    I am interested to buy 100 acres Agri land in MP. Lowest price possible. Touching water body like lake or river etc preferred, touching Govt forest also preferred, partly hilly also preferred, near Delhi preferred, Near NH preferred. Rgds. Sanjay. 9872549333.
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    house with land in himchal dalhousie

    Can a non-himachali buy? Price?
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    Land Required Cheap Agriculture land in Madhya Pradesh

    I am interested in 100 acres. Please advise location, details and price. Rgds. Sanjay. 9872549333.
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    Farmer Certificate, 7/12 utara, Become legal Farmer

    Can you please provide costs? I may also be interested to buy about 100 acres in Rajasthan, if you can suggest contacts with cheap land. Interested in Konkan coast also. Location is not important to me, just low cost, road access and reasonable distance from any city. Rgds. Sanjay...
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    Agri+commercail propertys for sale in West UP .Hayrana and Uttrakhand..

    What are the lowest agro land prices I in harayana, any district?
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    100 acer agriculture land prise 80000/ acer available for sale in mp

    Atul Is this area naxalite? I am interested in buying about 100 acres in MP, but secure area. Please give a Google link to check the location on internet. Rgds. Sanjay. 9872549333.
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    Farm Land for Sale in Rajasthan

    Hello Hemant I am looking for around 100 acres +/- depending upon price. Can you give an idea around your farm? Rgds. Sanjay. 9872549333.
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    Company Can also buy the agriculture land in karnataka

    Can you please provide details of the law. I had thought it was not possible to buy legally in Karnataka, company or personally. If perfectly legal, I may be interested in buying 100 acres or so depending upon various factors. Rgds. Sanjay. 98725499333.
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    Land for sale near Mumbai starting from panvel to whole raigad district

    Pramod ji Could you please advise lowest sea touch Agri land price? Requirement 25-100 acres depending upon price. Required for farming only. Its just that if I end up near the sea, I would rather have a seaside farmhouse and a motorboat. Remote location will be OK. Rgds. Sanjay. 9872549333.
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    15 Acre Agri land for sale in Rajasthan near Jaipur

    Please advise approximate price and distance from Jaipur. Rgds. Sanjay. 9872549333.
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    Why paying unnecessary tax ?start agricultural & enjoy the tax benefits

    Pl give a broad idea as to price range and distance from any major town/metro. Rgds. Sanjay.
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    Agriculture and Village Tours of Rajasthan

    Hello Are you still doing these tours? If so pl contact. Rgds. Sanjay
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    Land price estimates and Cheapest Agri Land in India

    Hi all I am planning a farm. Location anywhere in India. What I want each user who reads this thread to do: - is to tell his/her District and State, and tell about the approximate Agri land price range in his district. - To tell about the location and price range of the cheapest...
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    Packaged drinking water project

    What kind of project cost/own investment/subsidy/loan/profitability does a minimum feasible project have? Key figures only please to initiate further dialogue.
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    Why & how cultivate sandal wood ?

    What other plants can be host plants...say suitable for Rajasthan?
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    project report for rural godown for 10000 ton

    Request for key figures Would it be possible to give key figures for various capacities of rural godown e.g. area req., total cost excluding land, subsidies, loan, own investment, period in which free of loan, annual profit etc., so that one can form an idea if it is feasible from investment...
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    150 Tons Color Capsicum Production in 1 Acre

    Why not give a rough estimate of project cost, minus of course the land, in the thread itself. I am assuming it would be controlled atmosphere & therefore expensive. That way 90% of the people asking for project size will quit the thread and rest will be serious people whom you can push the...