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    Require Buffalllo Grass (Shade Grass) in large quantity

    pls mention yr location Let us know ur farm location
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    100% Guarantee Loan Offer(Apply Now)

    finace required Sir, send me contact details, i have need 30% finace.
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    Agro Network up to Village Lavel.

    Sir, i am intrested pls. send details, I am belong from dist. sahanpur U.P.
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    free contract farming of stevia...

    intresting in contract farming please specifiy your term and condition, i m intresting. please contact........
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    wanted contract farmers for TURMERIC

    Turmeric Sir, I am intrested please send me your contact no. and detailes, i want to talk you.
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    Yes why not Yes, I am a indian farmer, send me detail. Please contact......
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    need turmeric tubers

    I have also fresh turmeric please contact
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    10people frm every state

    I am also ready with ten farmer, saharanpur up contact me
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    wanted contract farmers for TURMERIC

    I am ready for turmeric contact farming Please send your full purposal on my mail id Please contact......
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    Question Contract farming of TURMERIC

    pls. reply Pls. send your mob. and contact detaile on
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    Turmeric available for sale

    Pls. mention your rate
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    Boer goats from australia

    Sir, pls mail me.....
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    Want to sell TURMERIC

    Dear Shanmu, quantity about 1000 kg, rate will be decided as market rate and my location is saharanpur Uttarpradesh. please contact....
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    No Need Electricity,Run your agri equipment by Nano Power System (Hybrid)

    PLs.send me the to lighting arrang. for my farm. Requirment 10 tubelight of 100w and one computor. please contact....
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    Safed Musli

    I want safed musali pLEASE GIVE RATE PER KG.
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    Want to sell TURMERIC

    I want to sell Turmeric if any body intrested please contact.
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    Question Contract farming of TURMERIC

    Dr. Singh want to talk u Dear Dr. Singh, this is pushpendra, I wana talk to you about turmeric farming.