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    Event Talk with Mr.Venkat Maroju on 'Digital solutions to improve farmers' livelihoods'

    Mr.Venkat Maroju CEO of Source Trace are focusing on digitizing all aspects of agriculture value chain. Its underlying technology comprises mobile applications, remote sensing, AI / ML and blockchain. To know more view
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    Event Talk with Mr. Muthuraman on 'Nursery and Landscaping'

    This meeting will be done over a regular phone call. If you wish to be added into the conference call please let us know. Also, if you are unable to join the meeting feel free to post your questions here.
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    Event Talk with Ms. Anamika Bist on 'Squarefoot community farming and growing of microgreens'

    @ocaluptous -- Can you please clarify your message in detail.
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    Event Talk with Mr. Krishnappa Doddegowda on 'Agro-forestry, integrated farming and growing exotic vegetables'

    @metgudda2019 --- Noted your message, we will ask this query during the meeting. You can also join the online meetings and participate. Here are the details.
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    Event Talk with Mr. Akil Murthi on 'Hydroponics - The Farming of the Future'

    @pksnathan - Please leave your questions here. During the meeting the moderator will ask your questions. @ForumAdmin @Rajani_VMG
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    Event Talk with Ms. D. Janani on Apiculture

    Ms. D. Janani is a Research Scholar at Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. She is working on mono floral honey types. She is doing apiculture and selling multi and mono floral honey varieties.
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    Event Talk with Mr. Krishnappa Doddegowda on 'Agro-forestry, integrated farming and growing exotic vegetables'

    Mr. Krishnappa Doddegowda of Channarayapatna Taluk, Hassan District has 15 years of experience in coconut farming, plantation of sandalwood and redsal. He also grows cherry tomato, and broccoli.
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    Event Talk with Mr. Ashok Panwar on 'Organic farming along with latest technology'

    Mr. Ashok Panwar a farmer from Madhya Pradesh is interested in farming from childhood. He says his passion is farming and farmer is responsible for the health of his consumers . He has received the Krishak Puraskar at the Taluk level in 2018 and also got certificates at the block level for doing...
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    Question Need guidance for dairy farm business

    @garao56 -- Check above response. Please note, henceforth sharing of contact number is not allowed in our site. You can share the contact number via private (starting conversation by clicking on the members user name). If you need some guidance, please message us.
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    Event Talk with Mr. Devidas Bhadange 'Value addition to farm produce as per market demands and consumer needs'

    Mr. Devidas Bhadange of Abhishek Business Consultants is a Graduate in Agriculture & Law , Post Graduate in Management Science with 40 years of experience in Pharma, Dairy, Edible oil & fats, Agro processing, Juice & Beverages, Fruits & Vegetables processing, Contract farming etc.
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    Event Talk with Dr. D.P. Singh Duhoon on 'Medicinal and Aromatics crops farming and processing'

    Dr. D.P.Singh Duhoon of Krishi Evam Herbal Garden Kalyan Trust has more than 25 years of experience related to agriculture & allied sectors, expertise in many field and have invented many machines which are very useful for farmers, food industry, in India and abroad.
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    Event Talk with Mr. Vinoth Kumar on 'Organic Farming in traditional methods'

    Mr. Vinoth Kumar, an engineer with MBA degree, gave up his comfortable job and city life to become a full time organic farmer. He says that he has not done any professional course, learnt through volunteering in different farms for many years and has travelled across India. He has done a Cycle...
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    Event Talk with Ms. Meenakshi on ‘Using agriculture to connect children with their food, environment and culture’

    Ms. Meenakshi, Director, Puvidham is an architect, who specializes in low cost housing, felt that working in rural areas alone would be sensible and meaningful. She was exposed to agriculture in Auroville. To know more view
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    Event Talk with Ms. Sowmya Balendiran on 'Organic farming, Bio stimulants & Increasing farmer productivity'

    Ms. Sowmya Balendiran, Co-Founder, Director Business Development. Sea6 Energy is working on creating a variety of products using sustainably grown Marine Biomass. To know more view ,
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    Event Talk with Mr. Arjun Suri on 'Organic farming, better farming practices, modern inputs/machinery and protective cultivation'

    Mr. Arjun Suri, Director of Suri Enterprises is currently working closely with farmers providing them with seeds, agro-chemicals and bio products. They enjoy the reputation of being the first to introduce hybrid seeds in North India, while being the oldest agro-chemical dealer in the state. It...
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    Event Talk with Mr. Muthuraman on 'Nursery and Landscaping'

    Mr. Muthuram of Mahalakshmi Nursery has done diploma in horticulture, has 22 years experience in nursery and landscaping. He is into soft and hard landscape garden developing, maintenance, agri products, all trees, fruits, grass,ornamental plants and terrace gardening. He is an organic...
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    Question Need guidance for dairy farm business

    @datnt2509 - Please mention your location so that you get better response from our members
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    For Sale 74 Acres mango farm, near Thiruthani

    Below message was received by support from the member. 74 Acres mango farm, near Thiruthani for sale. Contact Gajendran 6302506784
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    For Sale Palm jaggery from tamilnadu

    @janvaith71 -- Please mention from which part of the country you are from and where all you can supply your products, so that you get better response from our members
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    Wanted Veg oil & ghee

    @nabsufieel --- Please post a detailed message about your requirement and about yourself so that you get better response from our members