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    Mushroom Farming

    Mushroom cultivation Dear friends, any body wish to go for Mushroom production, ( oyster mushroom, Button mushroom, paddy straw, milky, medicinal mushroom), spawn manufacturing, Canning please call us. We are group of qualified, experience expert from various agro and food industry fields. we...
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    Dry Tulsi Leaves

    Tulsi leaves We can supply Dry tulsi leaves ( Rama, Krishna, and Vana tulsi in any quantity) Any one wishes for regular supply/ one time supply please contact... We can supply Organic and general cultivated both.
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    Cold Store, Peas Processing Plant, Potato Flour Plant

    Cold storage, Ripening chambers, Potato flower, Green pea processing etc We are group of high qualified experts, experienced professionals in food and agro processing field, We take up such projects mentioned by you . Please send me private massage for further detailes
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    OATS IN INDIA !!!!??????what r oats?????

    Oats Presently oats are still being cultivated for animals, one can find green fodder called Jai freely available in Haryana, Punjab, UP for milking animals. the seed has good soluble fibres which is good for human health.
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    For Sale Tissue culture banana plants

    Tissue culture banana Dear friend, Do you wish to putup tissue culture lab or want to Banana cultivation? We canhelp you in both. please send a private massage
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    For Sale Tissue culture banana plants

    Banana Tissue culture laboratory Dear all, Any body wish to put up Banana , Gerbera and other tissue culture laboratory. We offer our services on turn key basis / retainersip at cheapest possible cost. We are Group of expert, highly qualified, experienced professionals in the field of...
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    Wanted Minimum Qty required for Mushroom Export

    minimum quantity of export of mushrooms It is upto you. generally button mushroom will be asked in containers 20 feet/ 40 feet, but for cordyceps which is around Rs 40 lakhs /kg will be asked in kgs, others ganoderma , shitake will be asked in tons. you must have RBI code for exports. Dried...
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    Info needed - Mushroom Buyers

    Mushroom cultivation Better grow shitake, we will give you all the assistance inclusive of marketing tie-ups
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    Spirulina Cultivation

    We can provide complete detailes of spirulina cultivation, processing, ( organic cultivation also) cultures and also prepare project reports. We provide free support to womens and poors . We also provide practical training, plant visits, project report of any food and agro industries...
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    Mushroom Production

    Mushroom cultivation and casing please inform what mushroom and what quantity you want to grow. we will give you simplest and cheapest methods to grow mushrooms. composting and casing formula, methods of preparation, sterilization and application etc. please also inform me your location and...
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    button mushroom plantation

    for serious entreprenures we can provide simple techniques, field visits, practical trainings, marketting help,project report, in any food and agro industries ie, mushroom, beekeeping, food industries, agro industries, tissue culture etc. please send me private massage
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    mushuroom training

    mushroom cultivation any body interested in mushroom cultivation Button, oyster, milky, ganoderma, shiitake, grifola, cordyceps may send private massage . we will provide to complete practical detailes to you, we also make all project reports of food and agro industry
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    Tissue Culture Bio-Tech Lab Setup Project Report

    Tissue culture lab If you want tissue culture banana specifically ,it can be done at very less investment. we can help you to put up your lab, supply cultures, train your workers in tissue culture propagation tech, hardening etc at cheapest cost. we can arrange a visit to tissue culture lab...
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    abt honeeybee cultivation

    Bee keeping Bee keeping is very good agro industry. with little effort one will florish very soon. it requires comparativly less investment in land , building, plant and machineries. You can do two things, Procure from out side , process and market. you can have your own behives , grow...