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    Coconut Shell Required

    Hi, We are looking coconut shell on huge quantity on regular basis.We are looking coconut shell for Activated carbon manufacturing purpose. Please contact me with your price/ton and specify how frequent you can supply to us. Send me a private message Regards, K.Lakshmi Narayanan
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    Agri Land for sale

    HI, 2 Acre Agriculture Land having around 40 coconut trees,small concrete home and one hut with free EB power,pump available. Water Available:Marginal. Location:Anthiyur(Michaelpalayam),Erode Dist. 2 acres. Interested person contact me /send private message Price:contact us. Regards...
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    Wanted -promoters for our Biogas Products

    Hi, About us: We are in Biogas Purification and Bottling Industry based in Chennai.We do consultation,Installation and commissioning of your Biogas plant or bio-waste. Technology: Based on our PSA based Biogas Purification technology we removed 55 % CO2 and we are getting >96 % pure methane...
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    Biogas Products

    mail me your details to my id,please contact.... Biogas products Regards, K.Lakshmi Narayanan.
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    Biogas Products

    Biogas Products: we could able to supply below mentioned Biogas Products-Quality product @ low cost: 1.Biogas Analyzer 2.Biogas Genset(700watt-hr/1.2 KWH/3 KWH) 3.Biogas Purification-10 Cu.m/hour to large scale based on request. Free demo can be given to client based on request Interested...
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    I am offering Finance for India Agriculture projects.

    We are looking Investor/partner for our BioEnergy Project. Outline for our Project: 1.Energy Crop Based Biogas Generation 2.Purified Biogas Stored at Low pressure using Adsorption technology. 3.Stored Biogas Can be used as Cooking Fuel/vehicle Fuel/Power Generation etc., 4.Potential Yield: 2...