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    Wanted contract farming in gujarat (india) for papaya

    Popaya I have plantation of Popaya at my farm at Ratnagiri pls advise whether any body interested in buying the same
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    Dry Cow dung needed

    Need Dry Cow dung prefereably a year old requirement of around 9 mton pls quote for the same destination - Devrukh, Dist Ratnagiri
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    Flower Cultivation --Good PROFITS--FESTIVAL SEASON

    Profits - Festival Season We have 4 acres of land at Ratnagiri . pls advise how and which flowers to be planted
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    Black Pepper Saplings for sale

    Black Pepper Saplings We have 4 acres of land in Ratnagiri. Need saplings of Black Pepper Kindly advise where the same would be available ?