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    tender coconut water bottling

    You can contact Coconut Board. Coconut Processing Technology - :: Coconut Development Board ::
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    fencing my farm

    Dear Suresh, You can go for concrete poles with good quality of barbed wire(which withstands rusting). Barbed wire requires yearly maintenance to avoid rusting.
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    Cold Storage Project

    Contact us,our products, 1. Cold Storage. 2. Insta Build 3. Banana Ripening Chambers 5.Roof panels,wall panels.
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    Cold Storage Project

    For project report,please visit ITCOT Ltd.-Industrial and Technical Consultancy Organisation of Tamilnadu Ltd.
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    cashew manufacturing business

    Dear Vinod, Before starting a unit please check for raw cashew availability in your location. Since there is a huge scarcity of of raw cashews in India,major players in the industry import raw cashews from Africa and process the same. You can also opt for contract processing wherein major...
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    Cold Storage Project

    Dear All, We are India's pioneer in modular cold rooms Projects. We take up turnkey projects(concept to commissioning) across South India. Kindly contact us for more details. Regards Pradeep
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    VETIVER ROOTS for sale...........

    hi, kindly contact me regards pradeep
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    Need help in aromatic oils cultivation and distillation project

    Hi, Essential/aromatic oil industry has got good scope,there is a good demand for the oils. Please make sure that you get proper supply of raw materials. for processing plants and machineries= for project report= Also you can contact Central Institute...
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    Canned Mushroom

    Wanted regular supply/distributorship of canned mushrooms,canned babycorn etc. for Mangalore,Karnataka. If interested kindly reply ASAP. Regards
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    Papaya Seeds

    hi,, thanks for your reply,i have got red lady papaya from knownyou seeds. if you have any other varieties please let me know.
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    Papaya Seeds

    hi, I want different varieties of Papaya Seeds(red flesh of all variety,yellow flesh of all variety etc) for cultivation. where can i buy the seeds or please let me know if anyone can provide me with the seeds. Regards
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    Can Non agriculturist buy Agricultural Land and do agriculutre

    If it is in Karanata,as per karnataka land revenue act,a non agriculturist cannot buy a agriculture property. But there is some way for buying the property. Kindly visit your advocate,he will guide you on the same. Visit this web,you will get most of the details on how to buy the agricultural...
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    Capsicum seed

    u can buy online Please contact..
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    300 acre rubber estate for sale Karkala,Mangalore,Karnataka.

    300 acre rubber estate for sale near to karkala,Mangalore. 50,000 plants of 6 year old 10,000 plants of 5 year old with water source etc. If interested please feel free to contact us for more detials.
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    Beachfront property for sale at someshwar,Mangalore,Karnataka,India for resort Projec

    We are looking out for a buyer/developer to purchase our clients-22 acre (approx)clear tiltled beach front green field property in Someshwara, Mangalore.This property falls under Agriculture Zone as per MUDA Mangalore CDP-2021. The concept was to develop a villa project and to give every house...