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    Vazhakulam Pineapple - Supplier Wanted

    We require Vazhakulam Pine apple regularly, We encourage farmers / suppliers who willing to supply the same in bulk quanity are most welome. Thanks, Please contact...
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    Cherry Tomato - Wanted

    we need cherry tomato. contact in the private message Mohamed
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    Foam Net for fruits

    Not available at Sri Ram Foams, Chennai
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    Small Baby Corn

    we looking for a peoples around bangalore and tamilnadu. thanks, Mohamed
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    Foam Net for fruits

    pls help me to provide the address of Fruit Foam Net manufacturer / traders around Tamilnadu/Bangalore. Thanks my dear Mohamed
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    Small Baby Corn

    Small Baby Corn size: 5 to 6 inches 500Kg per week with skin mohamed Please contact...
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    solo papaya seeds - wanted

    we need solo papaya seeds regularly. Mohamed Please contact..
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    Coconut wanted

    We need coconut in the following specifications: 13.5 diameter (cm) 600 to 700 grams/ per coconut 60 days old coconut which must be thick grey colour We can collect from the farm house Quantity: 1, 60,000 coconut per month Place: Pollachi, Anamalai, Udumelpet belt and surrounding areas...
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    solo papaya wanted

    we require solo papaya regularly, Mohamed Please contact...
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    capcicum ( 3 colours)

    we need to discuss on this subject, send the private message with your contact details. Mohamed
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    capcicum ( 3 colours)

    We need capcicum regularly, contact: coimbatore - TN
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    We need Pollachi Coconut

    We need the ONLY Pollachi coconut with following specifications: 12cm Diameter, 450-500 grams each coconut ( not less than the quoted) 60 days old coconut Total : 46250 quote the best price for regular order, cash payment, Only growers are welcome, Brokers are excuse Mohamed Please contact....
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    Info required for good Pineapple - For Export

    Please let me where i can get good pineapple for export from INDIA. Thanking you Mohamed
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    Nashik Onion - Export

    Thanks Thank you so much for the help
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    Nashik Onion - Export

    Sir, I want to export Nashik Onion from Bombay to singapore, Please guide me, brokers are excuse. i request some expert to guide me. Please contact.... Afmfbb