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    Goat Farm Solutions

    Dear sir, I would like to ask how many female goats we need to keep in goat farming, if we like to sell average of 1000 kg live goat meat per month. how may acres of land we need to have a green fodder to maintain that average throughout the year. looking for ur reply thank you.
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    moringa pkm1 seed for large plantation

    Dear sir, I would like to know how many tonnes of fresh drumsticks we can get per acre. what is the best month of the year to cultivate drumsticks. Thankyou.
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    10,000 hectare land available in Tanzania

    Post the price per hectare and location of the land and legal details here in this thread. thankyou
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    Guar ( Guar Gum) : A New Profitable Crop

    Dear sir, I dont think in tamilnadu, we call sell in mandi. the government need to create some awareness among the farmers and encourage to cultivate a crops which does not need more water . In Tamilnadu this year rainfall is beow the normal average, many farmers dont know the concept that...
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    Guar ( Guar Gum) : A New Profitable Crop

    Hello sir, I am from Tamil Nadu, I got the seeds and going to cultivate 5 acres this season. Since demand for this seed is high in USA, I am going to give it a try in my farm. Still need to find where can I sell my guar seeds after harvest.
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    For Sale Goat farm

    Same doubt for me as well, I am also from Tamilnadu, Please advise us the possible transportation ideas. thankyou.
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    Investment to buy cheap land in Tamil Nadu or karnataka

    Dear Mr Ramakodi, Your idea sounds great to me, tell me where you got plans to buy bulk land. I am also interested in it.
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    300 acres Agriculture land at Udumalpet

    Dear sir, I am interested in that 300 acres of land, give me details about irrigation system, what crops they are growing now, is it a clear title ? in which village is it located. I am NRI livng in abroad so that i can see the area in sattilite map for my better understanding. thank you.
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    Personal Advise for Agriculture & Dairy Farm Business

    Can someone help me to know what is the average production cost of one litre milk on normal basis.
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    land for resorts & agriculture farms nearly from coimbatore

    Dear sir, I am interested to buy land in this location, send me price per acre to me. thank you.
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    2600 acre coconut farm sale

    Dear sir, do you have any land around that area for 3 lakhs per acre? i am in need of 50 acres for farming purpose
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    Dummies Guide To Becoming a Successful Farmer

    Good on you Venkat, Keep posting a nice article like this
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    Farm houses ready for sale

    Sir, do you have any bulk agricultural land like 50 acres in areas like Erode, cbe, thirupur. I want it for Agricultural purpose with budget around 1 to 2 lakhs per acre. Kindly reply me if you got any. Thank you.
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    Farm houses ready for sale

    regarding land Dear sir, How many acres of land ? does it got water facillity
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    Emu Chicks & Emu Eggs for sale

    The Emu Scandal news was published in all news papers in tamilnadu. The issue with Emu crisis is, initially the big Emu farm owners got some deposit money from the farmers and announce they will give some dozens of Emu chicks to the farmers along with a pure gold coin as a bonus and monthy they...
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    Emu Chicks & Emu Eggs for sale

    In Tamilnadu, there is big Emu scandal going on. The Emu farm owners have cheated innocent farmers with their attractive offers. Poor farmers are trapped in middle of nowhere.
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    No Loss --- Farming thats Sheep /Goat Farming with only rising demand for meat..

    Hi Subash, Good to hear from you. I would like to know which indian goat breed got high market potential in india and overseas.
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    Guar seed (product) Wanted @ Rs.25,000

    Now it is well understood.Thankyou.
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    Guar seed (product) Wanted @ Rs.25,000

    Respected sir, Could you explain the actual deal in this forum, so that it will be more usefull for guar cultivators to contact you, if the deal really impressive. Thank you.
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    Goat Farm Solutions

    Need ur Advice. Respected Mr.Shaikh, Before asking my doubt about selection of goat, I would like to appreciate your time and effort to educate and encourage the people to having plans to start the goat farm. Sir, I am from Tamilnadu and I woud like to start goat farm in my 10 acres of...