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    Farm labour and Manager wanted for exotic cultivation

    hi i am looking to cultivate exotic vegetables 10kms from manesar on the jaipur highway. since i am from business background i will need someone to completely manage it for me. interested parties can contact me anyone who can suggest other ways of getting skilled labour can also pls suggest me...
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    teak trees

    hello i have several thousand teak trees in maharashtra mostly 6-7 years old. would like to know the best fertilizer to use to maintain their proper growth. would also like to know if the teak leaves can be used for any purpose as well as the pruned branches thanks kranti
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    Teak tree plantation help

    Hi I am new here. We have a teak plantation site near kolad, maharashtra. the trees are about 6 years old. not much attention has been given to the site till now but we are planning to devote time and energy from now on. wanted to know if the tree branches that have been pruned can be used...