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    Need consultancy services for starting floriculture anthurium

    Hello, any One here willing to provide consultancy services for initiating floriculture near Hyderabad . We plan to grow anthuriums in hi-tech greenhouse. Interested personnel or agencies may contact me
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    Ecenomics of agri and early retirement from corporate career

    Thank you gentlemen for your viewson this topic i am some one born a nd brought up in environment ( though we have lands in our native village nevr used them for any purpose) went to study medicine and joined army did a 7 yr stint there. now along with pursuing career in medicine i also want to...
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    Anthurium farming near Hyderabad

    Hello all Can some one tell me if it is possible to cultivate anthuriums near Hyderabad . In green house with pad and fan cooling system. Consultancies or individuals with expertise in this field may Please contact me as I might require their services
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    HYDERABAD-Profitable Floriculture Business

    we have some land with irrigation facility near hyderabad , and we were anyways planning for green house farming in near future, please let me know if we can be of any purpose