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    Wanted Land on lease required

    Suitable land in Solapur district. Contact immediately with your phone no. background and biodata -
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    Wanted Cheap land in India

    54 acres (10 acres free 44 acres under dispute (with Government of Maharashtra) 2 km from water cannel, cost 5 to 7 laks/acre; will part for 2 laks/acre as is basis. contact
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    Suggestion for Pomegranate mixed crop farm

    Hi; You may grow Lime (limbu) with your main crop. one row of lime after every 4 or 5 rows of Pomegranates. Never grow Moringa (drumstick) with or even nearby your pomegranate plantation. Daniel Reuben
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    50 acres of agricultural land

    Cost please. If all is well and agreed; one cheque payment. Mail me
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    15000 acres redsoil land sale in madurai for agro purpose

    Is all 15000 acres in one place? Does it belong to one owner? What are expectations? Can you post some land photographs?
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    Ayurgen: wanted guar seed in bulk for gum unit

    Please contact me for Gaur seeds. Daniel
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    Company GUAR SEED with buyback Guarantee

    Dear Mr. Naidu; I wish to know more about your scheme to buy back Gaur seeds. I have 54 acres farm land about 50 km west of Solapur; water is available. I can spare about 10 acres for Gaur. I am an organic farmer and will give you best, rich seeds. I wish to know more about your...
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    Agro Shredder Machine

    Please send me your catalogue and price
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    Subsidy Drip to All Farmers in INDIA.

    Please mail me your contact details
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    Turn Key Medicinal Plantation

    Dear Sir; I have 54 acres (in one place) in Solapur district of Maharashtra. Soil is medium with good drainage (don't have chemical analysis). No water at the moment. Very warm; you can call it hot. Full sunshine. What can I grow there? If income is good; water could be arranged (from 3...
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    SEA-CROP 100% organic plant growth stimulator extracted from sea-water

    Dear Mr. Shelake; Need additional information of SEA-CROP you are supplying. I may add this information in my forthcoming book "ashi sheti tashi sheti" on Organic Agriculture; you may read part of my book in "Agro One" every Sunday. Expecting your early reply directly...
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    Eco friendly Insect trapper

    Please send me brocher or photograph
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    bannur sheep

    Quot your price
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    18 Acre Agricultural land for sale in Sawantwadi, Maharashtra

    Please quot your price. If all is well; one cheque payment. Daniel
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    Cuscuta Free Lucerne Seed

    Please quot your price; I may need 2 to 10 kgs seeds daily (I may stock the seeds for 2 months). I am developing "fodder solution machine" (although I have 300+ acres at my disposal; I do not wish to grow the seeds myself. (Please send me the mail) Warm regards
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    SEA-CROP 100% organic plant growth stimulator and micronutrient

    Dear Mr. Shelke Panama Agritech pvt. ltd. Pune Please send me details of your packing and price. Please also let me know your contact details; phone and address.
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    Information on cross breeding

    Hi Kiran AGRI1972 has given good program; it is not difficult but highly technical. Need lot of time, patience and money. Study thoroughly; not only technical aspects also your money flow before you leap. Best luck Daniel Reuben Israel
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    Want suggetion

    Dear Rahul, Factory do not send their cane cutters on time; as such your cane reduces sugar contains and receives lesser rate. Moreover you cannot predict your yields; what you quoted is average. Mr. T Ramu is right. Change your crop; if you are near to Pune city grow leafy vegetables, if...
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    Fodder machine

    Wish to know more on this machine. Please suggest size of machine to feed for 100 goats and 20 Desi cows and 20 bufellows. Do you have printed catalogue? Please mail your reply Daniel