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    ETP Consultation Required

    I need to have ETP for my Dairy Processing Plant. Interested professional may contact on Thanks Nectar Dairy Home - Nectar Dairy
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    Milk Processing Training required

    Dear all, I need to have training for Milk processing & its related products Please let me know, if anybody or institutes giving training Thanks Amanullah
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    Need consultant for Dairy project

    I am looking for two labours and mention the salary please. Thanks Amanullah Home - Nectar Dairy
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    Need consultant for Dairy project

    Dear Manas Reddy I want to install a dairy processing plant (2000 LPD) and the project is under process. Also I need a efficient plant operator the same Could suggest some one from your side. Thanks Amanullah A. G Home - Nectar Dairy
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    Dairy Processing Plant Bankable Project

    I am looking for a Dairy Processing Plant Bankable Project report. Please contact Thanks Amanullah
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    Cattle Feed Required on monthly basis

    Dear cattle feed suppliers, Following items to be supplied on monthly basis. Delivery location at Villupuram, Tamilnadu 600 kg Yellow maize 600 kg Wheat bran 600 kg Deoiled Rice bran 300 kg Groundnut oil cake 200 kg Coconutnut oil cake 400 kg Gingelly oil cake Thanks Amanullah
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    Barley / Chuni for cattle feed

    Dear all, What is Cattle Feed 'Chuni' in Tamil or English language? Thanks Amanullah
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    How to control the flies and mosquito?

    Thanks. I am from Tamil Nadu (far from Maharashtra)
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    How to control the flies and mosquito?

    Where I will get the sticky tapes/ribbon? Please suggest me Thanks
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    How to control the flies and mosquito?

    Thank you sir. Let me try n come back to you Thanks
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    milk prossesing unit

    Thank you for the information. Amanullah A. G
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    How to control the flies and mosquito?

    Dear Dairy experts, I cannot control the flies and mosquito on my dairy cattle even I used diluted Butox. But how often we can use this Butox. Is there any other way to control the files and mosquito Thanks Amanullah A. G
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    milk prossesing unit

    Hello, Please let me know the contact details at Chennai or anywhere in Tamil nadu Thanks Amanullah A. G
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    Biogas plant, portable at 15000/ only

    how many metric cube for 15k? thanks Amanullah A. G
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    Land for cattle farming

    Yes, you have to get the permission from the land area head. This will help you in future, if anybody raise the question about the permission? Regards Amanullah A. G.
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    Land for cattle farming

    Hello Vaishak, If you want to grow fodders, then water should not stagnant in the farm land. Otherwise, any land can be purchased. But water facility should be there for 24hrs Regards Amanullah A. G
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    Rules for Milk Pouch

    Dear Experts, In Tamil Nadu state, what is the rules and regulations to be followed while doing milk pouch for sale. What to be printed on the pouch. Thanks Amanullah Ag.
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    Used Milk Homogenizer wanted

    Dear all, I am looking for 300-500 ltr used Milk Homogenizer. Please PM Thanks Amanullah