Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

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    Israeli Companies

    hi i m fromm gujarat i want to know further detail so plz mail me
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    Need Cows / Buffalos

    hi i m from gujarat i provide u hf , kankrej or gir cattle. also provide mehsani, surati, jafarabadi buffaloes
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    About Dairy Farm

    hi , i will give u whole project for best dairy farmm with consultncy bcoz i m veteriinary doctor and also consultant so please contact me on to mail
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    Wanted Export quality Mango for Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong

    hi i m from gujarat i can provide u mango for export . so contact me or mail
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    Information on different breeds of cows.

    hello proper managment of animal will give good benifits bcoz it require sanitation healthy environment , proper feeding .in gujarat kankarej breed of cow is more stable in any deviate environment and more stable . in proper management it give more than 20 lit milk. another option is cross hf...