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    Required Agri Land below 5 Lakhs per acre.

    Looking for Agri land 1 or 2 Acres but the budget is 5 lakhs per acre. Needed good water source, access road and EB line feasibility. Not Important things = Borewell or well, Distance from main road and EB Availability (free or commercial). Land should be around coimbatore below 100 kms...
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    Coimbatore very best place for investment,very high appreciation,agriculture lands

    Looking for Agri Land Hi, Looking for Agri land of 1 or 2 Acres. Budget is 5 lakhs per acre and not above that pls. Borewell or Well not important but good water source is needed. EB free or Paid not important but technical feasibility is must. Road access to land is must but...
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    wanted dealers no investment

    Interested Hi I am interested in this please send me details. I am Rajasekar from coimbatore
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    How to prepare homemade EM solution

    EM Concentrate EM concentrate like Maple EM.1 which we get in agricultural retail stores. EM is Effective Micro-organism it is in concentrated form like syrup we mix it with water and jaggery to ferment for few hours and then use the fermented liquid to the plants, trees or fields that is ready...
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    How to prepare homemade EM solution

    EM concentrate not the by product of Maple. Hello sir, I am asking to make EM concentrate like Maple EM.1. But you have explained about making the by product of that. I don't know what contents in Maple EM.1 so i got scared of using it. I want to make it by myself. Thank you very much...
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    How to prepare homemade EM solution

    hi, I have heard about EM solution and its positive things. But the EM solution I use have to be bought from the retailer. Since I don't know the contents in the solution I set back in using it. I scare that we would make and leave a disaster plant Parthenia like thing to our next generation...