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    Wanted Want to buy Grafted and Bonsai Plants Mango, Coconut, any other fruits

    I have grafted mango in many variety of you interested please contact me cell no.8469231113
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    Fruit Plants

    Hi Need some plants Hi Dear friends I am from gujarat i need some of the plants you have please give me a price of below the plants 10.avocado grafted 10.bilmbi 5 rambhutan grafted 5.litchee 5.bread fruits 5.Canistel Fruit 5.Passion Fruit 5.Tree Tomato 5.noni 5 cardomom...
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    Need a mango salings

    HI Dear Friends i am from gujarat i need over 10000 mango saplings plain not grafted one if any one has this please contact me if price is good i can buy more Manoj Patel M 08469231113
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    Hi i am from gujarat i am looking for Guava One Kg Plant Grafted plants please let me know the price. Is this one that call thailand variety?plain and simple i am looking for Guava plants thats produce the very big fruits contact no:08469231113
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    sandal wood plant fro sale +919894245449

    Hi I am looking for sandlewood plants what is the price of your plants i am looking for 100 plants i am in gujarat
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    Land for sale in Vadodara Gujarat

    Hi we have farm land for sale in surounding Vadodara area if any one is interested let us know. We have some big plots also for sale in hub of vadodara if any builder are looking for constraction. we 5,10,20,and over 50 bhinga land area is avaible.This will be within 50km redius of Vadodara...
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    Hi I am looking for Evocado Saplings If some has this please feel free to catact me Mobile:8469231113
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    want to purchage farm land

    Hi Dear Sir If you interested to buy land in Gujarat in Vadodara (Baroda) district let me know i can help you there i have many location to go with Manoj Patel Mobile:8469231113 Thanks in Advance
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    Land is for sale in Gujarat

    Hi Dear friends i have land for sale in gujarat in three district Valsad ,Surat and Vadodara. any were from 3bhingha to 50 bhingha land price will be very with the location and district any one interested or any investor also interested buy land i can help Thanks In Advance Manoj Patel...
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    Want to Buy Agricultural Land

    Hi we have farmland for you as you require road touch black soil land in gujarat if you interested in contact us mobile number is 8469231113 Thanks in advance
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    Land for sale in vasad gujarat

    Hi Dear friends I have land for sale in surrounding area of valsad if any one interested feel free to call It is very hard to find the land in this area. Mobile No.8469231113
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    Land needed urgently ! Non-agricultural land will also do !

    Hi Dear Sir My name is Manoj Patel I am from Gujarat state the price for land you looking for is next impossible. Acording to you requirement you will need good location good water excess and good soil too and can't so far from town area for delivering the product i have some location that can...
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    Land Required near Mumbai-Surat Highway

    Hi Dear Sir I have land for sale in NH8 interior about 6acer as per your requirement its very near to mountain has access through Asphalt road and it is a mango tree farm we looking for 15lacs per acers if you interested let me know I will send the video of this property this property is near...
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    Fertile land required

    Hi Dear Hitech Is your requirement fulfilled? If not kindly contact me I have land that you require next to Narmada canal, In Gujarat Manoj Patel mobile:8469231113
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    10000 bigha land in sanchore ,Rajasthan --Gujrat Aera

    Hi dear sir I am interested in buying 300bigha if you selling like this and price range you gave if is correct then I am interested feel free to contact me Manoj Patel mobile:8469231113
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    10000 bigha land in sanchore ,Rajasthan --Gujrat Aera

    Hi Dear Sir I will be interested to buy 250 to 300 bigha if you selling lot like this then contact me price must be range you give Rs.80000 plus minus. let me know the land you saw me is in Gujarat or soon can we see land and proceeds . Manoj Patel mobile:8469231113
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    Wanted agriculture land

    Hi Dear sir My name is Manoj Patel I am from Vadodara Gujarat I have two location according to your requirements all two are 150acers plus minus. It is right next to Narmada canal you have road entry and Narmada canal road entry for irrigation no problems at all. If you interested please feel...
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    Land For Sale In Gujarat

    I will find out and call you I think you can buy land if you are a farmer in rajasthan ut let me find out for sure and let you know Thanks
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    Land For Sale In Gujarat

    Hi Dear Friends Can you please give us some more information abut you so we can help you.Give us your contact number so we can call and discuss this matter in good ways so can benefit from this. you can call on 8469231113 Thanks in advance Manoj Patel