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    Vermicompost & Earthworm

    want vermicompost/organic manure. Hi, I need bulk vermi/ organic compost. Will take bulk quantity. need more than 500 tons. nairjkvgmail Delivery @ site required. Location-cochin Regards nairjkv
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    bulk vermicompost/organic manure

    Wanted bulk vermicompost/organic manure bulk. Regards nairjkvgmail
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    Wanted Distributors - Karnataka & Kerala for revolutionary Organic Fertilizer

    hi pls let me know the details. please contact regards Jayakumar V Nair
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    organic fertilizer-Kerala only

    Dear Friends, We are producers of high quality organic fertilizer from Kottayam. If some body is interested inbulk quantity inside kerala I can give it @ a very special price. g mail nairjkv Contents-Neem cake, prawn shell, ground nut cake, natural rock phosphate, bone meal, leather meal...
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    pvt ltd company for sale.

    Limited company registered in kerala as a biotech company is for sale. It does no have any assets and liabalities. If somebody is interested in starting a new one they can use it instead of going for all registration and other documentation procedures. tweet me- nairjkv it is registered as a...
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    rubber plantation with villa out house for sale-kottayam-kooroppada

    [SIZE="4"]1.25 Acres 1700 sq feet house with 5 bedrooms, four bathrooms, kitchen, laundry area, hall, living room, sit out, covered car park + 400 sq feet out house. 220 rubber trees five years old ready to harvest from next two year onwards. Access to all vehicle and enough road frontage...
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    Wanted Good Quality Coloured Capsicum - Bangalore

    hi yellow red and green bel peppers. cherry tomatos grade a is avaialble @ bloreitself. Interested pls send me a message
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    Rudrakshas for sale

    hi jayakumar from kerala. snd me the details and expected price and the number available with u. pls mention source-orgin regards jayakumar.v
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    need heip on agriprocessing/foodprocessing business

    hi-food production pls let me know the catagory u r interested and wts u marketing strategy and budget. I might be able to help u jayakumar
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    Setup a cold storage in Kerala

    HI, Pls check with more than three people before u finalizing on u material. make sure u can utilize the stor efully / reduce the space. bcos the area should be properly used other wise u wil be loosing money on current charge. Also make sure there are lot of sea food...
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    Solar water pumping system

    pls let me know the details Hi, Pls let me knw the totoal project cost.......... regards jayakumar
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    vermin compost

    Wanted large quantity vermin compost. Pls let me know the nutrient content. credit period. regards jay
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    controlled atmosphere cold store

    Make sure the area is available with fruits and veggies excess after the market requirement. Get a good location with a good elevation. Cost will depend upon the material used and blower inside. Contact Rinac, blue star etc for quote. make sure u r getting the right stuff...bcos...
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    Exotic Vegetables

    hi hi i can provide u red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, green bell pepper, broccoli, cherry tomato. location- blore. price wil change on a monthly basis. If u r interested pl s put me a pvt message. Regs Jay
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    vermin compost Hi, Greetings from jayakumar.V We need dry vermin compost. Pls send me the sample, price per ton and quality report. Jayakumar Please contact...
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    need food processing consultancy

    Food processing plant Hi Anil, This is Jayakumar with you. I have expertise in setting up frozen food manufacturing facility including lay out, equipments, instalation, and technical know how. Already established one commertial set up in Cochin. Detailed product list which can be...
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    Organic certification

    Hi, Any body who wants to get certified organic or ISO 22000 pls contact. Affordable cost with availability of subsidy. Contact Jayakumar.V
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    High quality organic fertilizer

    High quality organic fertilizer manufactured from quality raw materials with Japanese fermentation technology for sale. Proven effects on rubber plantations with high yield, Pineapple with high yield, ginger with less spoilage and high yield Interested bulk farmers and plantations people...
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    Cold storage

    Please specify ur requirement. For what purpose u want a cold storage. What is the amount of material u want to store. Regards Jayakumar
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    High quality organic fertilizer-Kerala

    High quality organic fertilizer for sale. ORBIT MEAL Product-fermented with micro organisms. Key ingredients- Leather meal, neem seed, ground nut cake, vermi compost, bone powder etc. High efficacy on rubber plantations (increased DRC, Quantity) and pine apple. Discount for bulk...