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    Want Sarpgandha plants-Preferably Tissue culture plants

    I have sarpagandha plants one year old,I brought the seeds from delhi based supplier.I have no idea about tissue culture but if you guide me properly or give reference of some expert I can grow tissue culture plants.If you feel like you can contact me on 09611813311 or write me at...
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    Looking for Farm Manager position

    Business partner Please go through my profile on linked in and call me back or communicate via e mail mob.+91 9611813311 SIMANCHALA PANDA BENGALURU
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    Needed a crop which runs on low water

    saffron grows with minimum water but it is labour intensive.the flower blossoms in the morning and it must be collected within 15/20 minutes of blossoming.rats,rabbits etc are fund of the bud and it requires sunny can experiment as it is a short duration crop and the seeds multiply...
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    new business

    I am already 62 years old.I was thinking of organising dairy farming on large scale in ODISHA as I have some land and good contacts in that locality who were willing to give their land for folder cultivation apart from tremendous marketing facilities(spot pick up facility).But it is a matter of...
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    sarpagandha roots for sale

    I have planted rauvolfia serpentina plants in odisha.the roots will be ready for harvest by sept/october 2016.anybody interested in buying@600/ per k.g.may contact Mr.simanchala panda,director,simanchala panda natural resources opc,Bengaluru on
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    Contract Farming: Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

    I will produce about 30 kg of RAUVOLFIA SERPENTINA and willing to harvest as per your scheduled requirement from july 2016.I understand it can be sold@600/per kg.will you be able to market it ?what will be your terms of payment?please write me on my e-mail
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    new business

    dairy firm in coastal odisha Dairy business is the best idea for coastal odisha as marketing facility is very smooth.Dairy business is a long term affair as it is almost impossible to get out of this,Enough space,good water facility,reliable long term workers,fodder,waste disposal,dry animals...
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    I am interested in aurvedic plantation want to know details - also marketing.

    ayurvedic plantation I am growing ROUVOLFIA SERPENTINA (sarpagandha) in orissa.I am located at bengaluru and cultivating the plant in odisha through my people.It requires sandy loam soil with good drainage.the crop takes about 2years to mature.If your soil is suitable I can guide you free.I...
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    wanted farmer Sarpangandha(Rauvolfina serpentina) cultivation couansultancy buy back

    sir, I have planted about 400 plants in my field in odisha and the first roots will be ready for harvest in october 2016.I want you to take my first crop and provide further terms and conditions for expansion.I can be reached on 09611813311 or i have my own good...
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    palmarosa,lemongrass,javarosa ,aorometic cultivation under buy back

    sir, I am simanchala panda located at bengaluru, cultivating SARPAGANDHA in orissa on my own field.this year's roots will be ready for harvest by oct.2016 as these were planted in may 2015.sample harvest of two trees were 125 gm per tree before drying.local people are interested and we are...
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    Diary Farming Details.

    dairy farming details sir, I am planning a cattle farm in odisha and would request you to send me a project report for shed,green fodder cultivation and desi breed of cow/heifer.your detailed profile for long term can call me on 09611813311 for discussions if any. simanchala panda
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    Sell us your production od Medicinal Crops

    sarpagandha roots have plantedsarpagandha and the root will be ready around oct/nov 2016 if interested please let me know the approximate rates per KG as I am searching prospective traders/buyers before going for expansion.
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    Need Consultancy Service for Buy back of Herbal product

    Mr.jitendra, I am also a medicinal plant grower.I am also looking for marketing facilities and I am sure I will find one.I am growing SARPAGANDHA at present.very few plants say about 400/500 but next July I am planing expansion.I have suitable land but if your land is suitable for SARPAGANDHA...
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    feed for dairy farming animals

    Thank you Mr.Deepthought,your write up will definitely be useful to the people in cow/milk business specifically the small farmers/dairy business.
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    Need a Farm Manager - Bengaluru South. urgent

    application for farm manager sir, I am a retired banker from agriculture back ground.I am interested in working with you.At present I am a distant farmer having my farm in Odisha.I am located at Bbengaluru and it is my headquarter. Please see my resume at in...
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    Rauwolfia serpentina (Sarpagandha), dried root

    please find the plants I grow-CITES COMPLIANT.
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    Rauwolfia serpentina (Sarpagandha), dried root

    please find the plants I am growing.CITES compliant.
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    Cultivation and marketing of all kinds of medicinal and aromatic plants

    rauvolfia serpentina sir some time back I wrote that my plants have grown well and the cultivators want to know the market price of SARPAGANDHA ROOTS before committing further cultivation.I will be happy to hear from you.please call me on 09611813311 or reply on my e mail id...
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    rouwalfiaserpentina propagation

    rauvolfia serpentina
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    rouwalfiaserpentina propagation

    dear readers, I have started growing rouwalfia serpentina in my own field organic way. since I am new anybody having information on quality testing and marketing can guide me.the trees are a month old and as reported by the man on the field it is growing well.personised mail may please be sent...