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    FARM MANAGEMENT SERVICES for managing large scale farms

    Dear Gautam, I have 02 acres of farm land in Pandavpura Mandya Dist in Karnataka with coconut, teak and fruit tree and i would like to land scape with other facelities , can you render your services , if yes then provide me the contact details of your person.
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    2acre+canal attached+20km mysore+130km bangalore+ paddy feild@10lacs/acre only

    Dear , please let me knoe the final price and also advise does the land has direct acess from road or have to enter from others land. With Regards Naveed
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    Dear I'm interested for drip irrigation for my farm land situated in Pandav Pura Mandy Dist, please let us know your loaction and price per acre for drip irrigations materla and labour saperately per Acre for coconut farm.
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    Drip Irrigation

    Dear Harish/ Kirti, Thanks a lot for your valuabe inputs, please advise do we have any specific brands in drippers and sprinkleres and advise what % of subsidy will i get. Thank you With Regards Naveed
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    Drip Irrigation

    Dear All, Im interseted in fixing drip irrigation for my 02 acres coconut and mixed fruit farm and Sprinklers for 05 Gundas ( Vegetable plants) , please advise how much it will cost me along with the available source. With Regards Naveed
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    Which paint to use for marking Coconut trees

    Dear All, I have a farm house with coconut and mixed fruit trees, please advise which paint to use for marking all these trees. Reagards Naveed
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    farm land for sale

    Did anything has been cultivated ?? how abt water facility
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    bannur and raamboulliet sheeps

    May i know the price im intetrested to buy
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    Snake repellent powder

    May I know the price
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    Snake repellent powder

    Dear I want to buy this product, let me know how much quantity is required for 2 acres of land and what is price
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    BARBED WIRE FENCING for Agriculture

    I'm looking for some wire for fencing please let me know the price and advise us who is going to arran ge the delivery ?? Naveed Aslam 91 9341731464
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    6 Acres 20 gunta Mango farm for sale at Kurihundi 37 kms Mysore@4lac/acre

    I'm intersted in property, please let me know the road acess to the land and also let me know the feasible time for visiting the site. Thank You
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    Require 5 to 6 Acre of agriculture land in ad around mysore

    Hi, I'm looking for an agricultural land of 5 to 6 acre for farm house and sheep forming purpose . With Regards Naveed
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    Need 15-25 Acres agriculture land near Mysore within 50 kms

    Hi Niranjana, please let me kow if ur having 5 acres of land in nanjagud and sorroudings not more than 25 kms from mysore
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    200 acres of Agri Land for sale 180km from Bangalore ( Near Nanjangudu, Mysore )

    I'm interested in buying 5 acres pleae let me know the details. Naveed