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    Wanted Want to Lease Mango Farm

    Around 20year age trees, yeild 40-45 tons minimum
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    Land Available Mango farm for lease

    Mango farm for lease of plantation 560 , yield of approx 35 to 40 tons, majority is banganapalli, with other varities few malika, rasalu,,,, situated near to banglore highway , from hyderabad telangana 60km. total land is 15 acres and 5 acres is open, ideal for sheep, dairy farming can be done...
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    Wanted Want to Lease Mango Farm

    Want to lease Mango Farm land , lease price per acre per year 50000, 10 acres mango land 0.5 are amla 4.5 acre land open land three bores have fencing from hyderabad 65km on bangalore highway. interested people call 8331981972 or send email thanks
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    Wanted Want to Lease Mango Farm

    Dear Sir, I have a 10 Acres Mango Farm , would like to lease for 2-3 years 65000 to 90,000 per acre, price is negotiable. have around 10 acres of mango farm Varieties - Majority are Banganapalli with other varities Pedda rasalu, chinna rasalu, daseri, mallika, thotapari... age is around...
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    I am studying 4th year. I am interested in doing farming.

    Let me know your details from which place you are, accordingly we will discuss further. contact-
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    Wanted Does anyone wants to import from the UK

    italy_vegetableNew Member New Looking for opening our warehouse for fresh fruits and vegetables to sell wholesellers in UK. PLease contact if interested. REgards +393208058390 Can you please provide more details , like where are you looking to open warehouse, space required, or looking to...
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    Wanted I wanted 25plus acers land for lease near by hyderabad

    how far from Hyderabad are you looking for? what type of land are you looking for? can you please provide more details. contact
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    Wanted we want mango gardens for lease this year

    have 10 acres mango farm situated 70km from Hyderabad, its banganapalli let me know if interested. contact :
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    Eucalyptus plants for sale

    Can you please send cost details, what the minimun order you looking for. is cost includes tranportation --srinivas
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    Wanted farmers for medicinal herbs cultivation under buyback

    Please provide more details of providing planting materials, cost... any buyback details... Email:
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    Partnership or Joint Venture opportunities

    Please provide more details about your proposal. email:
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    FENCE ENERGIZER for Agriculture & Farms

    I am interested in your product, i have land of 15 acre in AndhraPradesh, near shadnagar, please provide more details cost or quote. Email:
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    Agro Shredder

    can you please provide price and pictures, My email address:
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    LED Solar Lantern

    Dear Sir, Please send me price details and pictures. Email :
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    looking for 2 to 3 acres of Agricultural land / Farm land for long term Lease or Sale

    Have three acres of open land and two acres of amla and 10 acres of mango farms, near shadnagar, andhra pradesh. Let me know more details of your requirement.