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    Dear sir send me the price and product details to me.
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    Bio Fertilizers & seaweed fertilizers

    seaweed fertilizers and carrageenan Dear all, We are making products in the seaweed fertilzers, carrageenan, organicfood colourent from sea algae. Any body interested in this can contact me.
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    Bio Fertilizers & seaweed fertilizers

    Dear all, we are making many products in the Bio Fertilizers & seaweed fertilizers, any body intersted in this can contact me.. we are looking for the good investors. Saranbabu.Chennai.
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    Diabetic care juice

    please send the details to my mail id
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    bio fertilizers

    seaweed bio fertilizer Hi.. I am Dr.S.Babu working in a Organic fertilizer company. Plaese contact for further details... Regards. Dr .S. Babu
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    Medicinal herb cultivation

    I am interested to do this, please send the details to my mail address
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    Soil Testing Kit

    I am currently working in agri industry, we are interested your product. kindly send the details of your product.
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    Spent Malt,Beer Malt, Beer potu for sale

    Hi i am Babu from Tamil Nadu, working in agri Industry. i am very much interested to do agri business. Please contact