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    DRUMSTICKs - Moringa

    Do you supply to Hyderabad region? I am planning for 3 acre plantation. Let me know more details please. thanks
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    Melid dubia plants

    Can we plant along borders? What is the price per plant and transportation charges to Hyderabad? I need 1500 plants
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    argent requirtment stevia dry leaf 25 tan (25000 k.g. )per month

    Hello, Please send details on cultivation a buy back options. I am from Hyderabad. Send details to Thanks
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    Required Wanted Farmers for medicinal plants cultivation under buyback

    Hello, Please let know more details if u still offer this service. I am from hyd and have lands near to hyd. Thanks
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    Organic vegetable seeds

    I am from Hyderabad. How to buy?
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    what are good yield crops - Land near to Hyderabad

    I've called the above number...seems its wrong number!
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    what are good yield crops - Land near to Hyderabad

    Thanks a lot for your time and inputs on phone. You are with great intentions, good for farming-world. Good Luck
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    what are good yield crops - Land near to Hyderabad

    Hello All, I have about 3 acres of land near to Hyderabad(about 90KM) Well-water is good now and can support that 3 acres. I want to start farming. Lack of labor in our area and also inability to devote my full time, i am looking only at crops which are less labor intensive and less time...
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    Avocado available

    Can you supply Avocado to Hyderabad? If yes, what is the minimum quantity and rate? Pls PM me. Thanks
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    agri land at zaheerabad

    Can you pls PM me with more details?
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    melia dubia details please

    I have existing 3 acres mango plantation(2 yr old) and 2 acres virgin-land. I am planning to have melia dubia plantation in that 2 acres along with borders of mango plantation. Can anyone suggest/correct me on the below please? 1. Initially I wanted to go with sandalwood or teak plantation...
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    Beema Bamboo 1000 plants per acre

    Please send details over private message. thanks
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    sandal wood and red wood

    Dear kirti, Can you send details of whom to contact for further details in the AP govt.? Thanks Sudhir
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    sandal wood plants and seeds for sale

    Hi, Can you please send more details on price and payment option and on how do you send the order to area near Hyderabad(about 100KM from HYD) Thanks Sudhirrreddy
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    Sandalwood seeds and seedlings for sale

    Dear ramhosachiguru, Could you please provide me more information on the below: 1. Is it viable in red-sand? The land is near Jangaon, Warangal Dist. 2. What is the price per seedling? 3. How should be the water requirement? I have existing 3 acre mango plantation and I have enough water...