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    Land Available Commercial guava farm to be leased out in Odisha

    Hello, I would like to lease out 1.5 years old 5000 fruiting Guava plants ( variety - Taiwan pink and Thai-7) as well as 6 months old1000 Thai Red Apple Ber plants spreading over 10 acres land for 5 years. Lease period may be extended after 5 years. All painful hard work and investment period...
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    Wanted Wanted nepali family for dairy farm

    I need farm labour family ( husband and wife) for my farm in Odisha. Kindly help me. Chittaranjan Behura Bhubaneswar chittaranjan2006@gmail
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    For Sale Organic first quality moringa or drumstick seed and plants at low rate

    Hi, What is the cost of PKM 1 Moringa seeds per kg please ? Regards. Chittaranjan Behura Bhubaneswar
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    Guidance on papaya farming

    Can someone please guide me step by step on Red lady papaya farming ? My farm is at Angul, Odisha. My whatsapp number is 08763195730. My mail: chittaranjan2006@gmail. com
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    Wanted Looking for Contract Farmers who can grow Lemongrass & Palmarosa and then distill the Oil for me.

    I am having a 45 acre patch in Odisha. Initially I can farm Lemon grass and Palmarosa in at least 20 acres for you. What is your economics for farmers please ? Kindly do send the economics and we will proceed further. Thanks. Chittaranjan Behura chittaranjan2006@gmail. com 8763195730
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    Wanted Reliable Companies for Contract Farming in 17 acres in Central Odisha

    Hi, I have a fertile red soil up land of 17 acres in central Odisha, 150 km from Bhubaneswar, with irrigation facility and excellent connectivity. I am looking for a reliable company for which I would grow the required crops under statutory contract. I prefer crops like Papaya and Moringa...
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    For Sale Vegetables - Wanted bulk buyers

    I have started Vegetable farming in 10 acres in central Odisha. Could any one please suggest me the names of some genuine bulk buyers of vegetables ? My produces are Cauliflower, Green Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Broccoli and Papaya in 2 acres each. Chittaranjan Behura Email id...
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    Need guidance for Tissue Culture Teak farming

    Hi, Can anybody please give me right information on Tissue Culture Teak farming ? Some experts say that it takes more than 30 years for harvesting as the case of stump teaks. Some experts say that it takes only 9-10 years. And dome make the arguments balanced one by bringing a middle line at 15...
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    Wanted Expert's Advise on Timber Crop

    I am developing a new farm of 10 acres at Boudh in central Odisha. Fruits and Vegetables are my major crops. For border plantation of 10 acres I need expert's advise. Kindly do me a favour by advising me for appropriate border plantation with timber crops, which will enable me to get return...
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    Wanted Contract Farming

    I have 2 patches of fertile land in Odisha, one is in coastal part and another is in central part of the state, 10 acres each. I want to do contract farming of the required crops of any genuine company in my lands. I can not invest money now. This is the reason why I look for contract farming...
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    Wanted 40 Acres agricultureal land for lease

    Dear Sir, What is the annual lease rent of your 40 acres ? Please inform me on or WhatsApp me on 8763195730. Regards.
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    Wanted 40 Acres agricultureal land for lease

    Dear Sir, Please reply me on the annual lease rent of your property. My email: ,WhatsApp: 08763195730
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    Wanted Need Farmers for contract farming based on Fruits production.

    Hi, I am very interested in contract farming for you. My land is at Baleswar, Odisha, which is 200 km away from Bhubaneswar towards Kolkata. If you are interested, please revert as soon ad possible. Thanks and regards. Chittaranjan Behura Bhubaneswar 8763195730
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    Wanted Need contract farmers for organic vegetable farming

    Hi, I am quite interested. My land is at Balasore in Odisha. Please revert. Regards. Chittaranjan Behura Bhubaneswar chittaranjan2006@gmail. com 8763195730
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    Wanted Contract Farming

    Dear All, I have two patches of fertile land, 10 acres each, in Odisha. One is at Balasore and another is at Nayagarh. I am interested in contract farming for any business house. My land is quite suitable for all types of agri- horti-flori- medicinal and animal crops. Necessary farm...
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    Wanted Wanted drumstick for export to Dubai

    Dear Madam, What else you need to procure from farmers for export to Dubai market please ? I am based out of Bhubanedwasr. Regatrds
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    Wanted Need contract farmers for organic vegetable farming

    I am interested in growing organic vegetable and fruits in my farm in Odisha. Pls contact me. Regards. Chittaranjan Behura Bhubaneswar
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    Advertising Cultivate herbal medicinal product by contract farming.

    I am interested in herbal farming in my 10 acre land at Baleswar in Odisha on NH-16. Please give me details of your contract farming agreement and terms. Regards. Chittaranjan Behura Bhubaneswar Whatsapp- 08763195730
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    Wanted Wanted 100 tonns of Banana G9,Papaya,lichi,and Guava for Ranchi Jharkhand.

    Dear Singh Saab, I can grow Guava, Papaya and Banana for you to meet a portion of your requirement. I am near you. I am from Bhubaneswar and my farmhouse is at Baleswar, on NH-16, Odisha. Can you give me a contract of growing all this please ? Looking forward to hearing from you. Chittaranjan...