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    Grass Seeds

    which grass seed is best for dairy buffalo? where should i buy these seeds?
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    Detect Water Veins Undergroud for Borewell

    Hello Mr. Sandeep, Where are you located? How much you charge for Detect Water Veins Undergroud for Borewell? Is your service available in Hallikhed (B) [Dist.Bidar, Karnataka]? If you help me, I will be very much thankful With Regards,
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    Wanted---Murrah Buffaloes---urgent.

    Please give your contact details. Please give cost of the Murrah Buffaloes.
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    Large Dairy Management - Guidebook

    Guidebook & CD Hi myself Surya from Karnataka (India), actually i am interested in Large Dairy Management - Guidebook & CD, please give your contact details and cost of the Book with CD. Surya Metry Please contact....
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    Murrah Buffalo for sale

    Murrah Buffalo hi pls let me know, how many buffalo's u have? i am situated in Bidar (Nr. Gulbarga), Please send your contact details,
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    Cows and buffalos available for sale

    Hello Sir, actually we need 5 to 8 HF and Murrah breeds, we are from Karnataka (Dist.:Bidar) actually we are starting a dairy farm with 5 to 8 HF and Murrah breeds so please send us the price, photo & etc. details of same. Please contact....