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    Mangoes on Terrace !!!

    Hi there, I am documentary filmmmaker shifting to agriculture. I would appreciate if you could give me more details about this. Where to get them from, are they commercially viable etc. Thanks.
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    emu farms project report

    Please send details of the report and if you are selling it then what is the cost. Please reply
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    want to start a bakery(No subject)

    1. I Am looking to set up bakery in Delhi, would like the contacts of consultants etc. 2. Looking to lease around 5 to 10 acres of land around Delhi, can be upto 200 kilometres. Please contact Thanks
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    regarding getting the loan for establishing emu farm through NABARD

    Prospects of emu farming Hi everybody into Emu farming, I am from Delhi and have been planning seriously to get into emu farming for the last one and a half years, but somehow do not have the courage to do so, as after setting up then WHAT ??? Where is the market ??? If it is only for...
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    low cost agri land

    Dear Gourav, Please give price of land and exact location. H Varma. Please contact..
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    asil for sale(fighting Rooster)

    Nazeer Sahab, What are the prices of only male and breeding pairs. Can you transport.Please reply
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    Sheeps, Goats available

    Cost please quote price
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    How to get Loan from NABARD

    Dear Mr. Reddy, I too am looking to start emu farmng here near delhi. I undertsand that NABARD has projects for this. However, I have not yet got in touch wit them. Try their site. And do pass on any information that you get. Please contact..
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    Online Consultancy

    What all projects do you undertake. Please contact..
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    ostrich farming

    Dear Member, I am in Delhi and am taking up emu farming. Would be good to be in touch. Please contact me
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    Profitable flower business ---!!!

    Yes, I have land near haridwar, uuarakhand, and near Gwalior MP. What is your proposal. mail back Please contact..
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    Emu Birds of 6-months old for SALE

    Please send me price of chicks and cost of transport to Delhi.
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    Rajasthan rabbit farm

    Hi, I am interested in Rabbit farming. Please advise. I am in Delhi, but have lands in Uttarakhand and Gwalior.
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    EMU Bird Farming

    Hi Aditya Where are you based. I am in delhi, and plan to start a farm aound this area. What are your rates, and what is scope of selling emu meat in th north or other parts of india.reply
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    Floriculture course in bangalore

    Any courses on floriculture and herbiculture in delhi area. Please contact..
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    Aloe vera

    amithg2001 I too am planning to go into aloe vera cultivation. Can I have some details.