Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

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    wanted honey leaf (stevioside) distrebuter

    honey leaf (stevioside] for sale i have this leaves that i planted i have been selling them to a friend in india but he is no more i have been looking for some one who i can be suppling this leaves to but thank i found i have dried once and fresh once in large quantities if interested please...
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    Want redlady papaya saplings @ b.lore

    good quality redlady papaya for sale hello dear i am a farmer i cultivate redlady papaya and other fruits and i have been supplying to some customers world wide so i saw your demand here i decided to contact you and to let you know that i can supply you as many as you want i...
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    Wanted Export quality Mango for Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong

    good quality mango ripe once and unripe once in large quantyties for sale hello sir/madam we are very happy to hear that you are looking for mango fruits to buy i am a farmer i have a big plantation farm of mango in so many varieties to sell actually i have been...
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    Wanted areca nut, coconut, papaya, jamun, banana and cheeku saplings

    good quality bananas, papaya,coconut for sale we are farmers we supply coconut bananas papaya in large quantities all over the world we cultivate this products our selves we are not buying and selling to people so right now we have and out standing farm plantation of about 400 km land of...
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    Wanted urgently fresh baby corns in huge quantity

    fresh matures and baby corns for sale in large quantyties hello dear buyer we are good and specialized farmer who deals especially with agricultural product so we would like to informed you that we saw your command and we decided to contact you so we can do a long and...