Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

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    Rabbits and farm assessories

    Intrested contact 9880501876 Interested to purchase cage, feeding box and water drinking nipples, plz contact / 9880501876
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    Ramboulliet sheeps for sale

    Intrested contact Intrested plz contact
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    Wanted micronutrients mixture for sweet oranges and citrus plantation

    Hi, We are the distributors and stockist for the Bio liquid fertilizers which contains both micro and macro nutrients, three live major bacteria, Natural occuring harmones (NOH) in a single container which helps in over all growth and yield of the crop. Our products have been certified as...
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    Hi sindanur sheeps for sale of 10 -11 months with 100 numbers

    Intrested.. Pls contact Contact kmyakub at gmail com, 9880501876
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    500 emu birds for sale - 2 yrs old - 9880501876

    Hi all, 2 years old 500 healthy emu birds for sale... Interested contact -
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    Contact 9880501876 U can increase the yeild of sugarcane crop by using our Advance bio liquid fertilizer to soil and foliar spray. contact
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    spray pump (battery+hand oprated) new innovation fr cell

    Intrested contact Intrested to purchase in bulk... plz send your contact details
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    Mango sales

    Intrested contact Hi, we are doing marketing of our bio fertilizer in karnataka and we have some mango growers customers in hubli and dharwad who are using our products and also we have buyers for you mango fruit. So i request you to contact me
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    Rabbits for sale

    Intrested contact I am intrested to buy.. plz contact from, bangalore
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    1 year old 200 emu birds for sale

    Hi all, We have More than 200 EMU birds of good genetic for sale near TUMKUR (KARNATAKA). Interested people can contact
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    For Sale EMU chicks for sale

    Intrested contact Intrested contact
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    Rabbit farms

    Contact Hi, For more information on rabbit farming, plz contact
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    Rabbit Meat for Sale

    Intrested contact Plz send the price and supply details
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    Castror oil needed

    Contact Send me ur contact details
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    To start a Poultry farm

    Contact Hi I am also basically engineer and shifted my profession to agriculture after one year complete practical survey in this field. I can guide you in this regard. Contact me
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    roofing solutions at competitive rate

    Intrested contact Intrested contact
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    Guidance on starting agro business

    Contact Hi, This is yakub from Tumkur, I deal with both agriculture projects and animal & husbandry projects. For more support and assistance contact me
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    Emu birds for sale

    Interested contact 09880501876 Contact on
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    Running dairy for sale with all the infrastructure

    Intrested contact Interested plz contact
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    EMMU Bird Farming

    Contact 9880501876 For more information contact