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    Agri Land for sale

    Mr. reddy looking for land near bangalore 1 or 2acres only . if any available mailback
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    Farmers association - Nagamangala

    Hi, Naren.... Its really great idea, we have land around 8acres unused near bellur cross. If you can revert with your contact details would like to meet you on NOv 5th.
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    Coffee Estate for sale

    Dear Balaji, Kindly revert with your expected price
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    17 acres land for sale.....

    HI, 17acres of land for sale with two borewells and two farm house with cow shed located at arsikere on just 1/2 km from highway tiptur to arsikere. excellent train connectivity. Rate 5lakhs per acre. if interested mail
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    Purchase of agricultural Land by a non agriculturist

    Dear Suresh, Thats the sad part,farmers are not interested to do their farming full fledged.If people from city try to do the same so many legal hurdles. My best advice is still u can proceed if u r ready to shell some money. It depends in which district u r planning to buy land u can easily...
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    For Sale 18 bulk milking cows for sale in bangalore

    Dear Dhananjay, I have already requested you to revert with details . I m also from bangalore kindly revert earliest. So that cows can be inspected and further step can be taken. Regards... Prashanth
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    Earn 2000 per day by milking

    if you can revert with details where wecan inspect the cows and everything as i am also from bangalore will be useful/
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    Want to earn Rs.10000 or more per month

    Interested in your offer, revert with details
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    Fastest growing tree on the earth.

    Dear sir Please revert with details
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    Earn Rs.10000 without investment

    Hi, Kindly forward details
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    Bio gas power plant

    Please contact me............
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    Bio gas power plant

    please give your contact details....
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    Milking Machine

    Sir, Please revert with cost details and nature of same,please contact...........
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    suitable advice required...

    Dear All, I have 5 acres of land near tiptur, where soil type is stone mix. We have already planted coconut in 1/2 acre and two acre mango trees. Can anyone advice what is best for plantation on unused land, the most important point i ahve good source of water. You can mail me,please contact....
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    To buy holstein friesean cow breed

    cows Dear Jagannath, Kindly revert with your contact details...
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    Land for goat farm

    joint venture Boss, You can easily work on joint venture whereby you will get good sum of money and also 3 or 4 flats in your name. If interested get back Please contact.......
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    10people frm every state

    Dear Sir, We are also interested please enrol us also we are a group of 6persons regards... Prashanth Please contact...
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    about equipments.. Sir, Could you please let me know what would be the cost of equipments mentioned by you. Myself from Karnataka what breed of cows do you suggest me to invest and any idea can we get loans for the same. It will be of great help if you revert with your feed back as i...
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    Want to start - Milk product machenary

    milk product machinery.... Ms. Lily/ ferdaus We would be glad to submit the report and look forward if any bussiness opportunity for us also arise. Kindly revert with your personal mail ids. Regards... Prashanth please contact....