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    Water Boring Near Shahpur/Maharashtra

    Thanks Sanjeev for your reply. Appreciate your time. Can you share the contact number from whom you got it done ? Also do you know anyone for Solar power for the motor , since i still have to get electric connection on the plot ? Also do you get subsidy on buying motor if 7/12 is shown ...
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    Water Boring Near Shahpur/Maharashtra

    Hello , Can some one help me in providing the total cost of water boring along with pump and fittings. I have bought 2 acre near shahapur/thane -Maharashtra. Thanks in advance.
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    Wanted - Solar Light/ Pump Maharashtra/Thane/ Shahpur Area

    Hello Solar Energy service providers Have got a farmhouse near Maharashtra/Thane/ Shahpur/ Dolkhamb area 2 acres.. need to set up basic Solar lighting for 1) one room 2) charging mobile / Computer 3) Water pump Please send me costing/ quotations immediately. Thanks in advance for your...
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    1 acre agri land wanted near mumbai

    Am interested to buy 1 acre of land around mumbai.. shahpur, murbad region. please let me know if anyone can share details. thanks for the time in advance.
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    how to sell 250 potted plants

    how do i sell my personal plant collection of 250 plants? ------------------------------------------------------- i am staying in mumbai, chembur and want to sell my plant collection of about 250 plants they are average age of 2-6 + yrs of age and all are potted plants ..some in plastic...
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    250 plants for sale

    i am staying in mumbai, chembur and want to sell my plant collection of about 250 plants they are average age of 2-6 + yrs of age and all are potted plants ..some in plastic, some in mud pots and some in ceramic containers. they include Ficus, Frangipani, Aloe vera, bamboo (buddha, grass...
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    water recycling info required

    need help in understanding on water recycling methods we have 15 acres of land near khopoli maharashta
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    solar -wind energy info required

    please send all information for solar - wind energy for a N.A scheme of 40 plots in 15 acres area
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    sewage tank - septic tank

    need information on how can this be set up for a N.A scheme project for 40 plots in 15 acres area.
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    hectare to acre conversion

    could somebody give a legal link for hectare to acre conversion. some say for one hectare it 2.47 acre some say 2.5 acre.. which is right ? what would be conversion for 1.01 1.58 2.85 0.34 thanks in advance for helping out.
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    cement pole barbed wire fencing

    i have land 10+ acres- near khopoli - 100 kms from Mumbai need to know what are the rates on fencing the land with cement pole and barbed wire. please send your quotations
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    wanted land near mumbai

    we need 5- 10 acres of agriculture land around 100 kms from mumbai - near khopoli, parli, pali - please let us know approx prices. send details to
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    Fencing with wood.

    we have purchased 6 acres of land near khopoli mumbai and want to fence the same. As we are "green lovers" we do not want to use cement, barbed wire. Is it possible to get wood fence posts - 2 rail OR 3 rail posts something like this which i have seen on the internet 3-Rail Fence if...
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    Agri Land consultant

    We want near pali, parli near khopoli . near mumbai, let me know if you can help out.
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    Solar Power Fence

    please provide info for fencing of 6 acres land in mumbai near khopoli, please reply.
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    Borewell Water

    We have procured 6 acres land near mumbai, khopoli. Need to know what are the different options for getting water and what would be the cost of the same. thanks in advance for the response.
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    Fencing Farm land.

    We have bought 6 acres of farmland near mumbai, khopoli need to know how much would it cost to fence the land Barbed wire with pole or other options Anyone can send price quotations for end to end services