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    Beware of Land agent in Dapoli (Maharashtra)

    Shrikant Munghase / Mungashe has now taken another car Maruti Dezire car. Seems he is enjoying on borrowed money.
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    Wanted Agricutural land

    I am interested in Turawade land.
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    Beware of Land agent in Dapoli (Maharashtra)

    This is very bad business tactics. Enjoying life on borrowed money will not go long way and this guy will face music someday. One bad person spoils name of other people in that area and in that business. Then everyone starts looking at every agent with suspicion.
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    Land for sale

    Location of land: This land is
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    Need review of Konkan based land agents

    Closing this old thread Closing this old thread.
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    Land for sale

    Land in Dapoli Please reach owner
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    Land for sale

    Please clear inbox Sir, tried sending you a private message but seems your inbox is full. Can you please clear off messages from your inbox?
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    Land for sale

    5 acres land available for sale. Dapoli has emerged as best destination option in terms of real estate in Konkan. Besides Dapoli also has a number of tourist attractions, abundant natural beauty and peace. This land is very near to city limits. The spot is scenic and nearby there is a perennial...
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    Agriculture Land At Cheap Rate

    Let me know details of the land available for sale please.
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    teak plants by rootshoot available

    Your property is suitable for teak plantation. Just make sure if teak and rudraksha can grow together. If it is going to be very hot and humid, then growing teak is better option than growing rudraksha.
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    Can i buy agriculture land ?? Your advise needed

    You can buy land in any district, that is legal. There is no condition of income when iy comes to buying land with own money. So you can buy land.
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    10 to 15 acres of land ( land price is not more than 1.5 to 2 lakhs per acre)

    Let me know more details of property available for sale
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    Need review of Konkan based land agents

    I need 2 things, one if anyone knows about the agents mentioned? Two, I want to buy agricultural land in Mandangad. The purpose if to do plantation. So wanted to know if anyone had positive or negative experience with these agents.
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    Need review of Konkan based land agents

    Need review of konkan based land agents. Does anyone have any prior experience with land agents in Mandangad? I was connected with agents like salvi, dalvi, mahadik. How are these agents in terms of reliability and transparancy in deal?
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    Barbed wire fencing

    Thanks a lot Aman and Arun.
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    Barbed wire fencing

    Hi I want to know what does it cost to make barbed wire fencing with cement pole of 5 feet height? Please specify rate per running foot/meter. I need to fence my farm in Ratnagiri.
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    Need agricultural land in Ratnagiri

    I am interested in farming and plantation. For this purpose, I am looking for agricultural land in Ratnagiri district (preferably in Dapoli, Khed, Mandangad) of Maharashtra. My basic requirement is land should have good type of soil, it should be nearby a natural water resource, should have a...
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    Agriland in Kokan at Anjarle,Tal.Dapoli,Dist. Ratnagiti,Maharashtra

    There was a news in one of Ratnagiri based newpaper about mass scale land scam in Dehen and Pichdauli village. Buyers please be cautious about land deals in these villages.
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    wanted agri land

    Does this cost include road, water & electricity provisions? Are the mango trees bearing fruits? If yes, how many per year in total plot? How will it help having RUDRAKSHA CULTIVATION adjascent to the land.
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    How to get farmer status?

    I do not think it is possible to get farmer status by any other way than through ancestors.